Why Basketball Coaches Wear Suits

Like any other sport, basketball is not all about fashion and how the team and coach dress. It is a very physical game with lots of emotion from the fans, players, and manager. Players wear the team jersey to distinguish them from the other team.

Coaches fashion won’t go unnoticed as he is on the touchline giving instructions to his team. Soccer coaches wear a tracksuit, and baseball coaches wear the team uniform. Before we dive in, have you checked the massive odds on the March Madness Bracket today?

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Where it Started

Julius Erving, an American former basketball professional, stormed into court in a flashy, colorful suit. Coaches started to Horner and were suited to basketball matches.

Suits were worn before Julius Erving went to court. In the 1920s, suits were the most common clothes for business people and other professions. It was a fashion trend, and everyone wanted to dress like their favorite tv star.

Basketball Dressing Code

The National Basketball Coaches Association requires coaches to dress properly. They should represent a professional in the coaching career.

In 2005, NBA commissioner David Stern created a dressing code for players for public and off-time events. Players who were injured or not playing as a reserve were to dress like a coach. Basketball players turned away from jerseys, hats, jeans, and T-shirts and replaced them with Balenciaga sneakers and Gucci polka-dot double-breasted jackets.

Furthermore, players were to dress in constructive attire when arriving and leaving a game facility. This was implemented as the NBA received critics and a bad reputation from violent prone HipHop culture. The rules were to separate basketball and its relation to violence.

Coaches have a guideline to wear decently during games. Shorts, tank tops, or any other revealing clothing cannot be worn. Harts are only allowed for the referee and other officials.

Suit Tradition

Suit wearing in basketball is a tradition that has been in the sports for a very long time. The business casual look is a big part of the culture.

Suit popularity comes from the 1920s where college coaches used to wear suits. As the number of coaches grew, the suit culture was embraced by the 1940s.

We have seen NBCA relax the restriction on suit-wearing in recent games due to the pandemic. The reasons for this are temporal with a mandatory mask wearing policy.

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Reasons For Coaches To Wear Suits

In the Early 20th century, suit-wearing was done by the high-end people in the society. It provided a symbol of power to the coaches. Coaches need to be seen as the team leader, and their instructions should be followed.

Studies have shown that suit-wearing can change how you think and how society views you. This gives the coach a confident look and can intimidate the other team. The opposition also feared the color. A red-colored suit in sports is a warning sign to the opposition and is quite intimidating.

Society has given suit wearers preferential treatment. The coaches need the support of the team. His commands should not be taken lightly as he always works in the team’s best interest.

Confidence is boosted when you dress and look good. An old saying, if you look good, then you play well. The coach and team that dresses will phytologically get into the opponent’s mind. This gives the team an advantage going into the match. Coaches wear suits as it gives you a sharp look.

Basketball matches are very intense with a mixed feeling of emotions. The suit is a very comfortable garment that creates a relaxed environment for the coaches. Coaches avoid shorts to avoid feeling uncomfortable during matches.

Coaching is a professional job to lead the team. Suit wearing gives a more professional look to the coach. It gives a different look from the fans and players on the basketball court. The fans and players respected basketball coaches.

Is The Suit Culture Fading Away?

In the recent 2020/2021 NBA season, the suit rules were relaxed, and coaches were seen not wearing suits. Coaches’ association meetings revealed that comfort and professionalism were the keys to their dress code.

Most of the coaches love the suit culture and want it to stay. The relaxation of the rules during the pandemic is temporal due to the circumstances.

The suit wearing was not restricted to must wear a tie. A suit jacket or sports jacket are compulsory. The relaxation of these rules has had a mixed reaction from the coaches. About 30% of the coaches were happy about the relaxation of the rules.

Basketball is one of the sports that is seen as a business. The huge sponsorship deals compromise how players of a team and coach wear. The sponsor’s image is an important factor in deciding what a coach and player wear.

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