Which Businesses Most Commonly Use Stickers and Printed Labels

Realistically, no matter what business you work for and what market you operate in, printed labels and stickers could play a huge part in what you do. They are incredibly effective for both marketing and brand recognition. They are very versatile and as such, you will struggle to find a business where printed labels couldn’t offer any kind of benefit to them. That being said, they are more prevalently used in a lot of particular industries, and it is these industries that this article will discuss in more detail.

Do You Need Labels and Stickers Printing?

If upon reading this article you decide that using stickers and labels is something your business should do, then there are plenty of companies you can turn to for top quality printers. One of the leading developers and manufacturers of specialty printing equipment is Primera, who offer a range of different equipment to businesses of all sizes.

What Industries Use Labels?

There are a lot of industries that use specialty printers to create stickers and labels. These include but are not limited to:

  • Schools and Nurseries

We were all young once and it’s safe to say that no school or nursery setting would be the same without a range of different colorful stickers all over the place. These stickers can be personalized easily as they can convey the name of the school with a logo or be blank and then used for a variety of things. They can even have the kids’ names on and be used as a chart to acknowledge good and bad behavior. This acknowledgment can be very beneficial to the children, encouraging them to work hard and be creative in a brightly colored classroom.

  • Public Buildings and Spaces

Of course, it’s not all going to be about encouraging creativity and being fun, a lot of it is a lot more practical and black and white than that. They are a hugely popular choice for local councils who tend to use them in public buildings and spaces, whether this is to highlight emergency exits, directions, warnings and other important information. These stickers will still likely use bright colors but the information on them and the reason for them being there is a lot less exciting.

  • Healthcare and Dentistry

The healthcare industry is great for using a whole variety of different stickers for different generations. A lot of this can be a small gesture such as giving someone a ‘top patient’ sticker after a check-up or procedure, or they could be used as an innovative marketing opportunity. These apply more to those running private practices but having the name of your business on these stickers can be a great way to advertise your business.


There are lots of different reasons why businesses may choose to use labels and printed stickers depending on the industry that that business operates within. One thing is for sure though and that is that the potential benefits of using stickers and labels are huge.

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