When to hire a family lawyer in New Zealand

Family Lawyers are professionals who help us in legal matters. These days we have a lot of legal problems in the family, such as a dispute with the custody of the wife or child after a divorce or any other dispute with family members. Family lawyers help us solve this kind of situation better.

If you are in a condition where your rights are being neglected or some injustice has been committed, you can seek legal assistance from your family attorney in New Zealand.

Family lawyers can help you solve many family legal problems. He can represent you in court, fight for your rights and avoid injustice. Let us understand in cases where family lawyers in New Zealand can help you.


If you decide to end the marriage, family lawyers can help you with the legal solution to marriage. Divorce involves the judicial resolution of marriage by the court or other competent authority. Enabling you to protect yourself against litigation and claims coming from the spouse. Staying or dissolving a wedding is not a simple task. There are many factors involved and a lot of decisions to be taken. Your family lawyer in New Zealand can represent you in court and help you resolve disputes.

Child support rights and visitation

The court orders the amount paid by the non-custodial parent to the day-to-day parent. The court also ensures that the child has access to adequate medical care, education, food, shelter and minimum standards of living. A non-guardian parent is entitled to visit the child and take care of the child. Your family lawyer in New Zealand can help you resolve child custody issues, child support, and visitation rights. Ensure equitable distribution of responsibilities between spouses.

Child custody

Day-to-day care is the first dispute that comes about when parents decide to divorce. If the parents can not reach an agreement, the court determines who will stay with the child. The decision takes into account several factors and is received in the best interest of the child.

Asset division

It’s often a matter of controversy. Property and assets owned by the spouses after marriage are responsible for equal distribution. The assets and debts are divided equally by the court by the laws of the state. If you think your wife claims more than your contribution, your family lawyer in New Zealand can represent you in court and help you in the fair distribution of property.


Your family lawyer can help you with these family problems. If you face a family legal problem, you can fight for justice with the help of a family lawyer in New Zealand.

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