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What You Need for Your First Apartment? 5 Things You Need

If you are thinking of moving into your first apartment, you are not alone. This next big step into what is affectionately called “adulting” is a popular one — more people are renting than ever before in the last 50 years.

However, the newness and excitement of moving out can wear off quickly if you are not prepared ahead of time. To avoid this adulting atrocity, what do you need for your first apartment? Here is your basic guide on what it takes to make your first move a successful one.

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What Do You Need For Your First Apartment? Get the Basics First!

After you’ve signed the standard rental application form, try to think about what you will need right off the cuff, even before the boxes are unpacked. You can divide your essentials into some basic needs and make sure you have what is required to meet those needs.

For one thing, you will need everything necessary to prepare and eat food. So make sure you have pots, pans, utensils, plates, cups, and bowls. And since all food creates waste, having a good trash can with liners ready to go helps.

A bed frame and mattress are also among the items on the first apartment checklist and sheets and pillows. And for your bathroom, having the basic set of towels and a shower curtain on hand (if your new place has a bathtub) will make your transition a lot easier.

If you are checking out your bank account and are uncertain if you can afford all these big-ticket items, don’t worry. Subscribe to e-mail lists from your favorite furniture and home goods suppliers to get the latest discounts. And try to shop when they are having a good sale or transitioning from one season to the next to save some extra cash.

Still not sure if you can afford everything? Let friends and family know that you would be open to taking any hand-me-downs they have in the furniture and housewares department. Often you can get some great-quality stuff by asking around.

Don’t Forget the Cleaning Supplies

You will want to clean your new apartment before, during, and after your big move. So stock up on the necessary cleaning supplies to get the job done right.

This would include surface disinfectant, rags or paper towels, and window, toilet bowl, floor, and bathroom tile cleaner. If your new place has carpet, investing in a good-quality vacuum should be on your first apartment checklist as well. And if your flooring includes tile or wood, look into getting the correct type of cleaner so you don’t cause any damage when cleaning.

What are some other cleaning essentials you might need? Include on your shopping list a toilet bowl brush, toilet plunger, sponges, and tools to do the dusting.

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Know Ahead of Time What Things You’ll Need For Your First Apartment

So, what do you need for your first apartment? Hopefully, you feel more able to answer that question.

Start making your list of items needed for your first-time move ahead of time. When you’re prepared and follow the tips discussed, your move will catapult you forward to your next big step in life.

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