Understanding Negligent Security and Measures to Take

It is not uncommon to hear about security breaches at places we least expect it. Shoplifting at high-end malls, stolen files from corporate offices, celebrities’ houses getting robbed are some of the news we hear time and again.

These are some high-profile cases, but negligent security is more common to the general public. There are several ways to avoid them. You can also claim compensation from firms that provide safeguards in the case of any breaches.

In the past few years, we have heard a lot of cases of school shootings in the USA. Students carrying guns go unnoticed by security.

What is Negligent Security?

A criminal activity incurred due to a lack of security measures comes under negligent security cases. It can cause serious harm to life and property and severe trauma for the victim.

The security firm, property owner, or mortgagor is liable for negligent security that leads to injury, property damage, or in some cases, death.

It is a section under premises liability law. Some of the reasons for delinquent security are as follows:

  • Inadequate security officer
  • Lack of or no security cameras
  • No warning systems or alarms
  • Inept, amateur, or untrained security officers
  • Glitched security cameras and alarm systems
  • Frangible lock systems
  • Contravened fences and walls

What are Examples of Negligent Security?

This type of liability can happen anywhere. It occurs in situations where defense is insufficient in several ways. There are numerous examples of negligence security cases that include the following.

  1. Robberies occur outside well-established buildings like hotels, restaurants, clubs, and shopping centers. It happened due to improper security measures and a lack of vigilance cameras.
  2. Mishaps like drowning in pool parties organized by a multinational corporation occurred because of a lack of lifeguards and surveillance.
  3. Shooting at educational institutions like schools and colleges caused injury and loss of life. It transpired because of untrained security guards, malfunctioning warning systems and cameras, or inadequate security checks.
  4. Convenience stores robberies and shootings that lead to death or damage to several people. Insufficient security cameras and warning systems are the reasons for these incidents.
  5. Assaults in municipal parking lots, shopping center elevators, and airport bathrooms cause mental trauma, physical harm, loss of life, or disability. Inadequate security officials and vigilance cameras are the main reason.
  6. Robberies on private properties lead to severe harm to visitors. It ensued due to broken chains, doors and locks, malfunctioning alarm systems, and cameras.

Can You Sue Social Security for Negligence?

It is possible to sue the Social Security Administration (SSA) for negligence under certain circumstances like denial of benefits, forcing people to file for retirement benefits, and delayed claims procedures.

It is also possible to sue SSA under Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) if you have incurred an injury, damage, or loss of life due to the negligence of SSA employees.

Although you cannot sue social security directly at a federal court, you can do so by appealing to the Social Security Appeals Council (AC). It is a typical procedure you have to follow. When you sue the federal government, you file the case with the administrative agency.

There have been several cases where people have appealed against the decision of the Social Security Appeals Councils.

You can appeal to the AC by filing a complaint in case of social security negligence. If your petition gets wrongfully refused by the AC, you can further appeal at the federal court.

You have to file the complaint at the designated federal court of your jurisdiction. A person can file the complaint themselves or through a reliable and experienced attorney.

Denial of social security disability benefits by an administrative law judge (ALJ) is one of the common cases appealed against AC decisions in federal court.

Understanding Negligent Security Claims

One of the chief steps involved in filing a negligent security claim is foreseeability. The respondent knew about the risks yet did not take competent security measures leading to mishaps. Due to inadequacy in security, the plaintiff had to incur harm or loss. In such situations, the claimant can file a lawsuit and has a fair chance of claiming negligent security settlements.

You have to consider several key points to claim security negligence.

  • There is adequate proof of insufficient security measures at the place of incident
  • The plaintiff incurred loss or damage owing to inadequate security at the defendant’s premises.
  • The appellant did not provide any forewarning that put the plaintiff in jeopardy.
  • The claimant was lawfully on the property of the respondent.
  • There is sufficient proof to indicate injury, damage, or loss to the plaintiff.

You have to ensure that you have ample evidence to make a claim. If you do not provide the proper documentation, the federal court will deny your case.

Another important aspect is the time frame. Varying jurisdictions have different timeframes for filing security negligence claims. For example, the time frame to file a lawsuit on negligent security Florida is four years from the date of the event.


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Choosing a Negligent Security Attorney

The foremost step you have to undertake in lawsuits of security negligence is to contact an experienced attorney. They will guide you through the procedures and steps involved in claiming benefits.

They will also help you calculate the appropriate compensation amount that includes damages and future expenses incurred due to insufficient security.

Determining an attorney is a vital part of the negligent security lawsuit. Thus, the factors to consider while appointing an attorney are as follows:

  • In-depth knowledge of security negligence laws.
  • Deals with security negligence case regularly or specializes in it.
  • Capability to communicate and negotiate with the respondent.
  • Perusal capacity of all essential documents and evidence.
  • Capable of determining and persuading all defendants responsible for the lawsuit.

Final Words

Understanding the basics of negligent security is essential in taking the right step towards claiming your rights. Any wrongful event due to malpractice and negligence serves as a lawsuit. It can incur a monetary loss, physical and psychological trauma, and loss of life.

An experienced and adept negligent security lawyer can help you through your compensation settlement journey. They make you aware of the costs and benefits of the lawsuit and help you claim what is rightfully yours.

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