What Is a Car Shipping Calculator?

Auto transport companies use car shipping calculators to generate shipping quotes for customers. This tool takes into account your present data and shipment details to produce an estimated shipping quote that helps avoid seasonal price fluctuations.

Cost calculators require information such as vehicle registration number, preferred shipping method, pickup/delivery dates and an ideal time frame for service delivery. They should not be taken as binding estimates.


Car shipping costs depend on many variables, including size and distance considerations.

Some companies charge a flat fee while others calculate per-mile rates – though these options tend to be cheaper in long distance journeys.

Car shipping calculators typically provide an instant quote for their services, using data such as pickup and drop-off locations of your vehicle as well as year, make, model and condition of its components to generate an instant estimate. You can visit for more information. Some companies even provide discounts to military members, first responders, students, early birds or returning customers!

Consider fuel costs and any other variables that might skew auto transport prices when using a car shipping calculator. Heavy vehicles tend to cost more because they occupy more space on the truck; additionally, sending inoperable cars requires extra labor and equipment in order to load them onto a trailer.

Weather and holidays can have an effect on vehicle transport rates. You can visit for current weather information to help you plan your trip. Summer rates tend to increase with increased carrier demand. Conversely, fall and winter seasons often offer improved availability and lower rates.


Car shipping calculators provide an effective way of estimating the costs associated with auto transport services; however, they cannot account for all factors which influence final cost estimates.

Distance can also play an integral part of these estimates, since picking up and dropping off at locations that are too far apart could cause drivers to deviate from their normal routes, increasing both fuel consumption and time costs.

You could save money on these estimates by having your car dropped off near landmarks or other key spots along their routes.

Vehicle type

Modified vehicles typically require more room on a transit truck, making their transport more costly overall. Car weight plays an integral part in this cost calculation too – modified cars may weigh significantly more, further impacting its price tag.

Online transport calculators take into account more than just weight when providing estimates for auto transport services. Some companies will charge extra to ship to remote areas due to additional travel time involved; additional factors that might influence price include vehicle height, lift status and enclosed auto transport requirements. You can learn more about safety standards for vehicle lifts by clicking the link.

While most leading auto transport companies provide car shipping calculators on their websites, these tools cannot guarantee a fixed price rate. Instead, these tools gather historical data and preset values in order to estimate your shipment costs; hence they should only be used as an introductory estimate for auto shipping costs. Furthermore, additional services may increase these estimates such as expedited delivery services.

Car Shipping Calculators


If you’re planning to relocate or have recently purchased a car from another state, transporting it may be necessary.

Insurance is significant factor when you are transporting a vehicle.

Established car transport companies offer insurance policies to protect clients’ vehicles while in transit for an additional fee, which could protect you from financial losses should your car be damaged during shipping.

Most policies cover both its value and contents. It’s wise to check if the company provides primary or secondary coverage.

Car transport companies provide this service so your vehicle can move from its original location to the one of your choosing, whether that means buying or selling online, moving states for work reasons or moving closer to family. It can come in handy in various situations.

You should select your pickup and drop-off methods carefully as this can have an impactful effect on price. Door-to-door shipping offers more convenience but is slightly more costly than terminal-to-terminal.

An open trailer is often the quickest and cheapest method of shipping cars. While this method offers quick transit times and is often cost-effective, it may still expose your vehicle to weather elements during transit.

Enclosed transport offers added protection for your vehicle during its travels, though this option will cost more. Alternatively, RORO (roll on/roll off) shipping provides cheaper protection from elements during its transit.

To use an online car shipping calculator, enter the pickup and delivery zip codes for both vehicles, along with their year, make, model, carrier type (open or closed), time frame and type of service requested. An agent will then submit this information to a network of carriers for quotes before providing you with options tailored specifically to your needs and budget.

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