What Deadly Pollutants Affect The Quality Of The Indoor Air?

You all know that the deadly Coronavirus has forced everyone to stay inside their homes. The governments are suggesting to stay at home so that you can stay safe. But people forget one thing and that is they have to keep yourself safe inside from the air that is coming out of their AC system.

Deadly Pollutants Harming The Quality Of Indoor Air

According to air conditioning repair companies the air you are breathing inside your homes can be deadlier than the outside atmosphere. The main reason that the repairing companies give is that the AC is not cleaned properly. So the following pollutants can damage the quality of the indoor air.

Extreme tobacco Smoking

Almost 14 to 15 percentage of Americans are active smokers. Although to many this rate is not much but this can affect the non-smokers; making them passive smokers. The tobacco smoke has nicotine that can enter the house affecting the quality of the air.

Fires erupting indoors

Another important pollutant that effects indoor air quality standards is the fire that erupts inside the house. The house is full of items that are made of various materials both natural and man-made. When these items burn various harmful gases are omitted to make the air polluted.

Harmful Radioactive gases

Sometimes during the process of construction the contractor and builders fail to thoroughly examine the Lithosphere; which is the crust and the solid layer of the mantel. There are many radioactive materials like decaying radium; they can penetrate into the building structure and cause severe damage to the health of people living in.

Various types of allergens

The percentage of allergies in adults and children are different. The children are more to have the allergies which are almost 40% and 30% of the population are adults having them. If the ac heating and cooling service are not properly cleaned then the allergen from outside can enter the house.

Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

One of the evils of the modern world is the creation of toxic gas known as carbon monoxide. When various forms of fuels, smoke and other forms of gases are not completely burnt; they discharge dangerous colorless and odorless gases like carbon monoxide.

Volatile Organic Compound

These are natural organic compounds that are found in several household items. The chemicals in them at times evaporate even at room temperature. But when you hire AC repair companies like Wayne Heating and Air the risk of these gases entering the home is minimal.

The presence of Coronavirus

It is not yet confirmed whether the COVID-19 virus travels through the AC system and into the homes but still it remains airborne for several hours. So one has to be really careful and keep the cooling and heating appliances cleaned at all times.

Different kinds of Bacteria

Unlike viruses the bacteria tend to live longer on surfaces because they don’t need a live host to endure. They can grow and multiply on their own and can deteriorate the quality of air indoors. These bacteria can cause a number of illnesses if they stay in the air for long.

Materials containing Asbestos

There are a number of building in the US that were built before 1975 contain a harmful material known as Asbestos. But today this material has been banned because of its increasing health issues. The buildings are now built with more eco-friendly materials.

Existence of Carbon Dioxide indoors

There are various items natural and man-made that are burnt outside; which can discharge the carbon dioxide in the air and through the AC system this can enter into your homes. It can degrade air quality and causing a lot of health problems.

Ultra-violet rays causing Ozone

The ozone in the ozone layer helps to prevent harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun entering the atmosphere. This is a gas that is good when it is in the ozone layer; but when it enters the earth atmosphere can be harmful to the living organisms.

The particles of atmospheric impurities

These impure particles can form naturally whenever there is a volcanic eruption, dust storm, wildfires, burning fuel and through sea spray. The atmospheric impurities are microscopic particles that can contribute to various respiratory problems and other serious illnesses.

What can air conditioning repair companies do?

There are many companies that not only provide repairing services but also are capable of giving detailed cleaning services to their clients. It is most important in these times when COVID-19 is at its peak to hire businesses that are providing the following service;

  1. Detailed cleaning of the AC System by using brushes, blowers and disinfects.
  2. Air conditioning repair companies should change the Filters.
  3. Installing different Purifiers and Humidifiers as they regulate the humid level in the house.

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