What Challenges and Opportunities Does The Hotel Sector Face in 2021?

The hotel industry is currently facing several issues. The coronavirus has contributed to the volatility in the sector and so far, 2021 doesn’t seem to offer much improvement. Even though travel restrictions could soon be lifted, some reports suggest that it could be years before things return to the way they were before the pandemic changed the world. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) predicted that this could even take four years.

Pressures on the industry

Rapid and unpredictable changes brought the industry to a halt. Less tourists travelled from abroad and hotels had to be closed for a long period of time. The danger of potential COVID-19 cases in hotels had to be taken seriously and the hospitality industry introduced thorough disinfection methods to confront the problem.

Competition and opportunity

Now that hotels are allowed to reopen and holidays could soon begin again, the industry faces immense competition, but also opportunity. Many people are planning their first proper holiday after a long break and are looking for the perfect place to enjoy it. Major hotels could be fully booked very fast, which could make Bed & Breakfasts and guest houses more attractive to visitors.

Hotels in remote areas could benefit

While a good location has always been very important in the industry, hotels in remote areas could potentially gain more customers. Many people may prefer to stay close to home and find a holiday spot nearby, instead of traveling far away. Even staycations have become immensely popular and could lead to more visitors choosing campsites and smaller hotels in the countryside.

Solutions for hotel sector

A solid marketing plan is extremely important during this time. Making sure that customers can easily find hotels online and can quickly book a room is essential. Updates to the hotel website can make a stay appear more inviting and the site more efficient to use. While it is important to appeal to as many customers as possible during this time, it is also critical to protect your business by getting insured. Hotel insurance can help with liability issues and keep your business safe when large numbers of guests begin to arrive again.

Businesses in the hospitality sector have faced many problems during the coronavirus. However hard the challenges may have been, surviving times such as a global pandemic, also proves resilience and strength.

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