What Can You Do With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Becoming a lawyer is as exciting as it is expensive, as you have to have a clear understanding of your career’s net income before investing thousands into law school. However, a criminal justice degree is a great option if you have a passion for stopping criminal activity and believe in the fundamental principles of justice.

But what can you do with a criminal degree besides a stint in criminal justice? Is this a practical degree that would ensure a healthy income?

Here’s what you should know about the career opportunities that open after you earn your bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Law Enforcement

Perhaps the most common career path for those with a criminal justice degree is to work in law enforcement. This can include roles such as the following;

  • Police Officers
  • Detectives
  • Federal Agents

In these positions, you would be responsible for enforcing the law, investigating crimes, and protecting the public. Depending on your specific role, you may work at the local, state, or federal level.


Earning an online bachelors degree in criminal justice can pave the way for various legal careers. These can include becoming  the following

  • Paralegal
  • Court Clerk
  • Correctional Officer

You would be responsible for providing legal services to clients, researching and interpreting laws and regulations, and representing clients in court. If you are interested in this field, it’s important to note that becoming a lawyer typically requires additional education beyond a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.


If you’re interested in going into a criminal justice career but prefer not to work in law enforcement or the legal field, a career in corrections may be a good fit for you.  This can include positions such as

  • Correctional Officers
  • Probation Officers
  • Parole Officers

In these roles, you would be responsible for overseeing individuals who have been convicted of crimes and are serving time in correctional facilities.

Social Work

criminal justice degree opens many avenues of opportunity in social work careers. With a degree, graduates can go on to pursue social work roles  such as the following:

  • Juvenile Justice Center Detention Centers
  • Group Homes
  • Prisons and other Institutions

In these roles, individuals with a criminal justice degree can help young people develop essential life skills and aid in rehabilitation. They can help create and carry out safety plans, assess risks, give education and guidance, and maintain communication with law enforcement for successful outcomes.

Information Technology

A criminal justice degree combined with an emphasis on Information Technology can open up a broad range of career opportunities. Criminal justice suffused with Information Technology expertise can bring forth jobs related to the following:

  • Computer Forensics
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Database Management

With approximately one-third of all businesses requiring cybersecurity professionals, and with the tech industry constantly evolving, specialized backgrounds in this area are becoming highly desirable.

Explore Diverse Paths in a Criminal Justice Career Today

Criminal justice degrees are a great way to further your career in law enforcement, intelligence, IT, and many other desirable fields. With unique possibilities, a well-rounded education options, and the ability to move up the career ladder, this degree can open many doors benefiting you, your community, and society as a whole. Expand your horizons with a criminal justice degree today!

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