7 Vending Machine Trends You Need to Know

The evolution of the vending machine has come a long way since the days of chocolates and sodas. Today, vending machines are becoming intelligent, with features like touch screens and item customization. One of the biggest trends in vending machines is combo vending machines. This is a vending machine that contains multiple selections for snacks, drinks, or both. Combination vending machines are becoming popular because they provide customers with more options at their fingertips.

Similarly, there are many other trends that are gaining traction right now. In this blog, we will explore such trends. To get the best vending machines for sale in Etobicoke, click here.

Top 7 Vending Machine Market Trends in 2021

1. Internet-Enabled Vending Machines:

IoT has revolutionized almost every industry. Now, it has set its eyes on the vending industry. These kinds of vending machines make it possible for vending operators to better manage their machines remotely. Store owners can now check for inventory, track sales and even control their working from far away places. For example, they can power on their machines even when on vacation. This also allows them to save power. Which ultimately reduces the electricity bills and operating costs of the vending machines.

2. Combo vending machines:

This kind of vending machine is currently the talk of the town. Traditional vending machine features limited them to dispense only a single product type. Whereas, combination vending machines can dispense a mix of products. It also allows the vending machine operators to customize the machine to dispense only one product or a combination of products. Currently, many store owners use it to sell products that are both hot and cold. Instead of managing two separate machines, they can now use these combo vending machines.

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3. Secure payments:

With everything getting connected to the internet, payment security has become a hot topic. Also, the rise of credit card skimmers has led to fear in customers. An effective solution is to make payment terminals more secure. Almost every vending machine now has multiple-factor authentication before processing the payment. Also, there are now payment terminals that are tamper-proof that present any kind of fraud.

4. Automated Vending Machines:

If you want to give your customers a futuristic experience, automated vending machines are the way to go. This kind of vending machine features voice assistants and several other ways of ensuring a seamless buying experience. Although the voice command features need a lit bit of development, they presumably are the future of vending machines.

By employing automation, not only the customer, but the vending machine operator can also benefit. Automations lead to timely service alerts and better reports on the health of the machine. This can further reduce the cost of maintaining a vending machine.

5. Gadget vending machines:

If you are a store that sells electronic items, this vending machine might just be your business saver. Gadget vending machines are not very new, but with advanced security options, they are becoming more popular now. This kind of vending machine features some kind of strong anti-theft mechanisms. They dispense a wide range of products, from USB drives to smartwatches.

It is also worth noting that gadget vending machines are popular with kids. This means that you can significantly improve your rate of selling electronic items. Moreover, the customer will surely enjoy shopping for gadgets without a human salesperson.

6. Interactive vending machines:

The next trend in vending machines is as equally popular as combo vending machines. While many prefer to simply grab the product and leave the place, there are a few who do not. They wish to experience a simple interaction when buying a product. This is where the interactive vending machines come into play. This vending machine features an interactive AI that makes customer shopping more interactive.

They use advanced machine learning algorithms to assist the user during the buying process. By pairing this interactive machine with an app, you can also give your users a customized experience. You can also display product ads and information for health-conscious users. And, if your users get bored, they can even use your vending machines for playing games.

7. Healthy Vending Machines:

Ever since the advent of vending machines, they have dispensed a lot of products. Operators use them to dispense chocolates, chips, sodas, and even water bottles. But, the current trend is a healthy vending machine. These vending machines dispense healthy products, including fresh fruits and vegetables. They can also dispense packaged foods that are healthy and nutritious.

Using this machine promotes healthy eating habits even for the on-the-go eaters. Moreover, a modern vending machine features social media connectivity. So, you can even share your healthy eating experience on social media instantly.


These are just a few of the most buzzing trends in the world of vending machines. In the upcoming years, IoT, combo vending machines, automated vending machines, etc., are about to play a huge role in the vending machine market. There are many vending machines for sale in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Burlington, Milton, and Toronto. But, choose one that perfectly aligns with your business objectives, and also choose your Vendor Management System carefully.

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