Top 5 differences between Suburban and Urban Caterers

Dealing with your catering service might be extremely difficult. And, more hard when you have to deal with the problem of urbanized or suburban differences. Mainly understanding the basic difference is the leading tool out here. The wedding catering in Howrah works best in this debate, especially as food is their home ground. 

  • Prices of catering service

Every wedding party has catering services and they do their best to satisfy the guests with their warm hospitality and fine service. The prices of wedding catering in Howrah varies in comparison to other urban areas of Kolkata and rest of Bengal. It mainly depends on your budget as they all have a reputation for elegant presentation and impressive services.

Prices of Urban and modern places might be higher than wedding catering in Howrah. As they also have got caterers trained by hotel management graduates who have work experience in the field of food and beverage. But the goodwill of the people working in the suburbs depended upon their experience and presence of mind. 

  • Taste of the food

At the end of the day it is the food that should taste good. Both the urban caterers and wedding catering in Howrah have some of the finest cuisines. They are well trained and they make delicious food and get positive feedback from the clients.

But the main difference is that in the suburban areas, the catering services along with the taste, offer a wide range of menus including Italian, Chinese dishes having all sorts of main course, starters and  appetizers with a variety of options. Which is comparatively more than the wedding catering in Howrah.

  • Flexibility of the caterer

When it comes to flexibility, urban catering services are much more effective in terms of the wedding catering in Howrah. In Kolkata or other urban cities of Bengal,  they offer a wide range of menus, which you can customise the package on the basis of your needs. 

Also you can choose a wide range of the finest caterers with your fixed budget as there are a lot of options available which is comparatively less with wedding catering in Howrah. But the best part about them is their flawless service and low prices options. They usually have such an affordable price, that users often do not find the need to bargain or customise at all. 

  • Customising the menu

A wedding is considered complete if there is a wide range of food menu as it is the most important element in any occasion. Wedding catering in Howrah covers all grounds starting from veg to non veg dishes to impress the guests.

When it comes to the urban catering places, there are ample options and you can choose some best cuisines having reputed chefs who offer their clients with a varied menu of choices and customise their package as per demand and budget.  Which is the way, in which every client earns its reputation, for their big day. 

  • Punctuality of the caterer

Punctuality is one of the main factors in any catering service. The wedding catering  in Howrah, are well trained to satisfy their guests or clients whenever they need them. When it comes to urban catering services, officials that generally have years of experience and they exactly know how to woo guests with their warm hospitality and also with their delicious cuisines. 

The urban Caterers in Kolkata and surroundings are somewhat the urbanized aspect of Weddings in West Bengal. The Process of organizing a wedding, setting up food, and decorating the view is much more modern and structural in Kolkata. Whereas, the wedding Catering in Howrah is comparatively less competitive when it is about fighting with the caterers in Kolkata. Less, structural and more personal when it is the catering of the Suburbs. 

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