Tips to Prepare for A Fuel Delivery

If you decide to get your oil or propane tank refilled, you should call for fuel delivery services, usually not a Do-It-Yourself job. In simple words, you need to give your tank to the experts who can professionally handle the job. You can, however, help with other things, such as the layout of your property, easy navigation, and more.

As your house owner, you need to understand the risks, threats, and obstructions that may come in the path between the entrances to the area where the service should be offered. A bulk fuel delivery person can stumble into pitfalls if they are unaware of them. Hence, it would be best if you were responsible for the safety of these professionals who come to your place to refill your tank.

Just like outbound oil handlers should study secure and effective fuel delivery guidelines, you should make all the arrangements for fuel delivery service. This way, you will have a safe transaction, and your property will be safe even with a bulk fuel refill.

How to prepare your property for fuel delivery?

On the given day of fuel delivery, you should clear the pathway and the surrounding area which leads to the tank. The complete area should be secure and easy to access for heating oil delivery. As per your location, you should keep these areas of your property clean of all toxins and obstructions.

  • Driveway: It is very important to keep the driveway clean for the fuel refill truck to pass out. If you have one or more vehicles parked in your driveway, you should get them removed before the refill delivery truck comes. Make sure the driveway is not in use before the arrival of the service truck.
  • Lawn: The area of the yard which covers your fuel tank should be well-maintained and free from any hindrances, puddles, and droppings of your pets on the day of the visit of the fuel truck. If the tank is near a deck, make sure you clean it and assess the boards to make sure you can safely walk on them.
  • Backyard: If the tank is placed behind the home, you need to make the backyard easy to access for the delivery person. Like the front yard, your backyard should be easily accessible for walking. Keep it free from droppings of your pet, garbage, and puddles.
  • Basement: When the tank is sited in your basement, you should organize things accordingly to give complete access to the delivery person. Before the appointed day, it is a great opportunity to give your basement a good cleanup and donate or get rid of unwanted stuff and furnishings.

Regardless of where your tank is, you should ensure all the access points are open. If you have chosen a specific hour for the oil refill, then make sure you are available at that hour, or give the refill person complete access to the needed areas of your property for easy service.

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