This Is How to Get More Money From a Car Accident Settlement

With over five million injuries stemming from car accidents in a single year, such an incident will likely happen at some point to most people. If you end up injured in a vehicle accident, you may deserve compensation for the injuries you suffer, though this can be a long process. To ensure it is worth your effort, would you like to know how to get more money from a car accident settlement?

Below, we run through the most important steps you need to take to ensure you have the best chance of receiving a payout. As you run through each one, make sure to pay attention to the details and use it as a checklist for when you want to make such a claim yourself.

Immediate Steps

The correct steps toward compensation start with knowing what to do after a car accident occurs and you are still on the scene. Your safety is paramount, and you should first retreat to a safe area away from your vehicle to prevent further accidents. You should then ensure you receive a checkup for injuries, if possible, from a medical professional.

If you are capable, contact the police, and when they get there, ensure that you ask for an official report no matter the severity of the crash. Make sure you depict the situation with accuracy and avoid giving details of your mental state, only discuss the actions people took.

Gather as much information on the scene as possible, including taking photos of the road and any vehicle damage. You should also photograph any signage. If there are witnesses, get their information, as well as the details of others involved in the crash.

Refrain from apologizing, and do not discuss the situation on social media. These can establish a situation as your fault.

Talking to an Attorney

Look into hiring a lawyer who can handle your case. Most will offer an initial consultation for free, then from there, they will discuss with you whether they think you have a claim.

Follow their instructions when it comes to evidence and be honest with them. They will use the facts to present you with a realistic expectation about compensation. They may ask you to undergo a medical examination and may ask intrusive questions about the crash, but understand they are helping you.

Ensuring a Thorough Claim

Make sure you work with your attorney to file the car accident claim as soon as you can to meet deadlines and ensure all evidence is fresh. You also need to make sure that all details you send to each party you interact with are the same. A lawyer can inform you of what would be useful details in this regard.

Establishing Fault

There are many different types of car accidents. With this in mind, you need to get as much evidence as you can so you cover all the bases in a claim. An attorney will work with you to gaver this, and they may involve experts who can get all the data on things like:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Eyewitness accounts
  • Expert testimony
  • Driver statements
  • Photo and video evidence of the scene
  • Traffic laws and legal precedents

With all of this, they can create a clear picture of which person is at fault. By the end of the process, they should have a strong case you can use in court.

Calculating All Damages

An expert lawyer will have access to methods for working out how much you might be owed by other parties. This list of damages might include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical costs
  • Property damage
  • Non-economic damages
  • Loss of relationships and the support they bring

While you may not receive awards for all of these, the full list should give you a good idea of what you can claim.

Addressing Medical Compensation

Medical compensation is a complicated aspect of auto accident injuries when it comes to the law. This is in part because you are often still paying for treatment when a court date would come up.

Make sure to both seek proper diagnosis and treatment. Follow any doctors’ instructions, and document every step. Collect and organize the medical bills, invoices, and receipts you get, and make sure they remain safe so that you can claim them later.

Common Mistakes and Pitfalls

Not seeking legal help. A lawyer can help you avoid most of the common mistakes someone might make. They also know all the steps required to file a claim that offers you the best chance of a payout.

Admitting anything. Do not discuss the issue in private or online. Opposing legal experts can use these statements to deny you a claim.

Filing too late. Pay attention to the statute of limitations regarding such claims. There is a period after which you cannot seek compensation, so ensure you file before then.

Regular Attorney Communication

Keep in contact with the attorney whenever possible to make sure you have the latest information at all times. They should also talk to you about what they are doing and what your next steps should be.

Attorneys such as those at Sevenish Law focus on injury and accident claims and as such, will know when to communicate and what to say. If you have any concerns, you can always bring them up, and the lawyer will be able to put any fears you have to rest.

How to Get More Money From a Car Accident Settlement

Now you know how to get more money from a car accident settlement, it is time to start considering who you want to represent you. Having a high-quality attorney can mean the difference between no compensation and walking away with a payout you deserve.

This is only one of the many tips you can get related to injuries, attorneys, and compensation, though. The legal process is often complicated, but luckily we have plenty of articles that can help you understand. So, check out the rest of our blog and discover how the information we offer can help you move forward.

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