The Multiple Services Offered by a Leading Australian Family Law Firm

Law is such a complex field with many different sections; criminal law, corporate law, commercial law and family law. In this short article, we offer information about the various services offered by an established Australian family law firm.

  • Divorce & separation – If you are in need of a separation lawyer, an online search will put you in touch with a family law firm near you. Separating from your partner is never going to be easy and if emotions run high, it is best to instruct your lawyer to handle everything on your behalf. You will receive the best legal advice and your lawyer always has your best interests at heart, keeping you informed at all stages.
  • Binding legal agreements – Commonly known as the ‘prenup’, when both parties come to a legally binding agreement over assets; this can be done at any stage of the relationship and is usually something introduced prior to marriage. It is perfectly natural to want to protect your wealth and older people who have significant wealth wish to create a binding agreement that protects their personal wealth.
  • Will contestation – If a person feels they have been unfairly treated in a relative’s will, they can contest the will, although they would need to produce supportive evidence to back the claim. The first step is to consult with a family lawyer and see what the legal professional has to say. Of course, the same lawyer can help you create your own Last Will & Testament for a small fee.
  • Domestic violence/restraining order – There is never an excuse for violence and if you are subjected to physical assault, you are advised to contact a local family law firm. A lawyer can very quickly obtain an order that prohibits the person from contacting you or visiting your home; such an order can be obtained outside of office hours, should it be necessary.
  • Adoption – If a couple wishes to adopt a child, the first step is to contact a family lawyer; the adoption process in Australia is very complex, as you would expect and it is important to screen potential guardians thoroughly.
  • Setting up trust funds – In the event a person is concerned about their children’s welfare, they can set up a trust fund to ensure there are funds for education and support. Inheritance laws are complex and with the advice of an experienced family lawyer, you will make informed decisions.
  • Child support – If one party in a divorce who is the children’s guardian feels they are not receiving adequate financial support, they can ask a family court to hear their claim and make an order.

As you can see, a family lawyer offers many services and should you ever be in need of such a legal expert, start with an online search to find a family law firm near you.

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