Ten Most Dangerous Miami, FL Neighborhoods

When you think about Miami, what is the first thing that pops up in your head? I would say that Miami is a beautiful city, with lovely beaches, an excellent climate, a city that’s very vibrant and full of life. But as everything has a dark side to it, so does Miami. If you were wondering about moving there, I would love to give you an insight.

Most dangerous neighborhoods in Miami

1. Model city

Recognized as Liberty city, this is a neighborhood where over 25.000 citizens live. The Model city has a high incidence of criminal activity. Located in the northwest quadrant of Miami, where people are mostly poor, people refer to it as the ghetto. Things connected with this neighborhood have to do with drugs, acts of violence, robberies. These activities dropped throughout the recent years significantly, and police involvement helped to solve some problems. But if you want to go hiking, walking, biking, it is advised to do it in daylight.

2. Overtown

With a population of over 9.000, Overtown is the most historic neighborhood. People that are mainly situated here are black people. Statistics show that this part of Miami is ruled by gun shootings and mass shootings in general. Don’t even consider walking alone through this neighborhood all alone at nighttime.

3. Downtown

Everyone is asking themselves if Downtown Miami is safe. Although reports show that the situation is a lot better than it was a decade ago, there is still a reason why downtown is on this list.
Hooligans and gangs would stand in corners, so it is not safe during nighttime.

4. Little Haiti

Known as Lemon city, it is part of Miami where Haitian immigrants and Caribbean citizens mostly live. Haitian food and culture are something you would love about this place, but high crime levels will turn you off.

5. Allapattah

Allapattah was an all Dominican suburban village, but now there is a mix of cultures. Crime is not that excessive here, even though there were many shootings in here.
Although it’s safe during nighttime and daytime, you should avoid east of 9th Ave and north of 20th St. because those areas are dangerous.

6. Little Havana

Most of the population that lives here are Cuban refugees. More significant crimes are not that as of present around here, but car break-ins are uncontrollable.
People say it is not safe walking around during the day, let alone at night. But if you want to visit Little Havana, you should check out west of 22 Ave and south of 8 St.

7. Wynwood

It would help if you genuinely avoided this neighborhood. Break-ins and theft are dominant, but most violent crimes end up unreported. It is safer during day time. As far as pickpocketing goes, there are not many reports on that, which means your money is safe.

8. West Flagler

Nighttime begins with many precautions and actions. Public transportation seems not to be worried by pickpockets, but valuables need to be secured to themselves at all times. The police’s need does not fit with the criminals’ plans. Gangs can spot walkers and bikers in both daytime and nighttime.

9. Upper Eastside

Located close to Little Tahiti, this neighborhood has 98% violent crimes reported, more than the national average. Police seem more included, so you should be feeling OK during nighttime and daytime.

10. South coconut grove

Usually only called the Groove, this place is not as bad as the other. Violent crimes are lower-rated, but it has a sketchy vibe to it, which means it can be dangerous. But don’t worry, security guard patrol Miami is on duty.


If you were interested in moving to Miami, there are some places you should check out! Miami Beach, Pine crest, and my favorite Coral Gables. Coral Gables, where Coker Septic is located, was declared as Miami’s best neighborhood in 2013. Each of these has beautiful histories behind them. Most importantly, they are safe.

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