Sublimation Printing Machine: To Get Useful Fabric Prints

Sublimation Printing Machine

A dye sublimation printing machine can produce various types of files that are transparent and have excellent colors. These machines involve the use of a continuous flow of a chemical called dyestuff and this is combined with an electrically conductive dye or resin in a liquid medium. The dye is usually supplied in a cartridge or can be applied directly to the paper. A special nozzle on the printing machine helps to apply the dye with minimal interference from airborne particles.

The fabric printer that employs the method of sublimation has various advantages over other traditional types of printing. For instance, the printing ink used in this type of machine is quite durable and it dries very fast. It also lasts for many prints as the material does not wear off even after many dozens of prints. The images produced by this kind of printer are also of very high quality as the ink is able to cover large areas of text or images.

Most of these types of printers use an electrostatic charge to excite the dye and to combine the powder and the ink automatically. The image produced is usually very vivid and very realistic. There are many companies that make use of a sublimation printer for the production of business cards, posters, labels, envelopes and many other commercial purposes. The ink is applied to the surface using a very fine needle or gun. The printing machine can generate bright colors and very high quality images. It is advisable to purchase this printer from a reputable company because it can be very expensive.

A dye sublimation printing machine is suitable for the home business as well. This type of printer is available in various price ranges. However, you need to ascertain that the printer being used for the purpose is capable of producing the kind of images and text that you need. For example, the printer may not be able to produce the detailed and vivid images that you need if the resolution is lower than 300 DPI. There is another aspect as well; you should ensure that the printer being used for your printing task can accommodate the volume of text that it prints.

Before you purchase a dye sublimation printer, you need to know the basics about it. In general, the sublimation method uses an electric current to pass dye through a special nozzle. The ink is then deposited on the surface of the paper or plastic by the application of a particular pattern and pressure. The ink is then dried up once the pattern is removed using a separate nozzle. Sublimation printing has many advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you learn about them before making a decision to purchase one.

In addition to all the above-mentioned information, it is also advisable to ask for some professional advice before purchasing a dye sublimation printer. You should ask your printer supplier about the quality of the printer they have, the number of prints to the printer can produce within a given time, how the printer functions, and other questions that may help you make a sound decision about your new printer. Another thing that you should consider when buying a printer is whether or not it is designed specifically for dye sublimation. Some printers use heat diffusion instead and they are usually cheaper. However, the quality produced is not nearly as good as those that use sublimation printing technology.


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