Unlocking the Potential of Staffing Solutions for Your Clinic

Many healthcare clinics today struggle to maintain the required number of staff to provide excellent patient care. Healthcare shortages continue to plague the industry as a whole, and patients are the ones who suffer. Sadly, experts predict this problem will only get worse in the coming years. What can healthcare organizations do to better meet the needs of patients without overwhelming those workers who remain in the industry?

Temporary Staffing Agencies

When you need staffing solutions for your clinic, consider turning to a temporary staffing agency. These agencies specialize in finding healthcare workers for short-term open positions. The agency may be able to provide medical assistants, nurses, and other trained health professionals. However, clinics often reach out when they need administrative personnel as well. The agency may also be able to help fill these positions.

Employ Locum Tenens

Locum tenens providers are one form of temporary staff. They are licensed professionals who step in to cover for a provider who is absent or a worker who is on temporary leave. In addition, they often fill in when a staff member leaves until a permanent replacement can be found.

Expanded Telehealth Options

The global pandemic demonstrated the benefits of telehealth services, as people could connect with their medical teams without leaving the comfort of their homes. They didn’t have to worry about being exposed to germs and becoming ill. Today, medical professionals may use this technology for virtual consultations and regular checkups. Doing so reduces the number of staff members needed on-site and uses resources more efficiently.

Flexibility in Scheduling

Many medical professionals would like more work-home balance. Offer flexible scheduling options and fill positions with less time and effort. Some individuals prefer to work part-time. If this is an issue, consider job-sharing. Compressed workweeks serve as another option that should not be overlooked. By being flexible when it comes to job schedules, a clinic can attract and keep top talent.

Referral Programs

Most people think of referral programs as a way to bring in new customers or patients. These same programs can be used to bring in new workers. When a current employee refers a qualified candidate and they are hired, reward this employee. Doing so encourages other employees to follow suit and helps clinics fill open positions.

Outsource Non-Clinical Tasks

Healthcare clinic workers spend large blocks of time handling administrative tasks. Consider outsourcing these tasks to free up more time for patient care. Tasks that can be outsourced include billing, IT support, and transcription services.

Training Programs

Work with local educational institutions to fill gaps in your staff roster. Nursing and medical schools can provide students to take on basic tasks. As their education progresses, these same individuals can take on more duties. Furthermore, once they complete their education, they may choose to work for the clinic full-time.

Cross-Train Current Staff Members

Train existing staff members to take on multiple roles. Doing so ensures better coverage during busy periods or when one or more staff members are out. Most workers appreciate being cross-trained as it expands their job opportunities if they must leave the clinic due to a change in their circumstances. Finding another job will be easier thanks to this additional training.

Staffing shortages aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. Healthcare organizations must find innovative ways to overcome these shortages. The abovementioned methods serve as a good starting point, but they may not be enough. Continue searching for new ways to bring in top talent and provide the best patient care possible. That must always be the top goal.

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