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If you are using an automated sprinkler system in your garden, chances are there to experience a damaged or broken sprinkler head. There are various reasons responsible for broken sprinkler heads. It often happens when the head pokes out too far from the ground, and a lawnmower runs over it. The entire process of sprinkler head replacement is simple and easy to handle. More or less, anyone can do it. Keep reading to explore how to repair the sprinkler head.


Some indications are quite obvious, but you may not know for sure if it is the time for the sprinkler head replacement. If the sprinkler fails to cover the desired area of your garden or is unable to pop up while you turn it on, or is entirely broken off, you need to replace the sprinkler head with a new piece. The process is simple.

Keep in mind, picking up the right pieces makes the real difference. The superior quality and suitable components will save you on down the road repairs. However, the following step is a more significant one.

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Buy the right head

When you notice that your sprinkler head is broken, you will need to plan out the required steps on how to adjust Rainbird sprinkler heads. Before beginning the installation process, it is crucial to track down the right sprinkler head to bear upon the sprinkler system. Take a look at your old sprinkler head and your collection of previous parts. It will help you pick up the right piece. If you find things complicated, it is ideal to ask an expert. At the very moment you discover the right product you require, move onto the sprinkler head replacement procedure. Remember, there is no need to buy precisely the same fittings of sprinkler system parts. Just proceed with reputable manufacturers. No matter if you mix and match the piece. Each component can function in conjunction and deliver quality results for quite a long time.


How to replace sprinkler heads?

Your garden, yard, lawn need regular watering that needs a sprinkler system. The only problem is that even in-ground sprinkler systems are not going to last forever. The parts are prone to often damage with a lawnmower or worn out or cracked over time. The most common signs of sprinkler head replacement include regular leaks, low water pressure, and no or poor spray.

replace sprinkler heads

Replacing a sprinkler head can save you on your pocket if you handle the process yourself. But, if you find the process challenging, it is good to hire an expert. Talking about the pricing, the average cost to replace sprinkler heads may charge you not more than $20, whereas an expert can make you pay between $70 and $250. Nevertheless, the replacement process is relatively simple with some essential tools. There isn’t any need to have plumbing expertise.

So keep your environment green and in your pocket with the help of six easy sprinkler head replacement steps.

Tools and materials required

  1. New sprinkler head
  2. Flexible hose
  3. Trowel
  4. Sealing tape
  5. Riser removal tool

You can buy these items easily from your local as well as online lawn care services in Jacksonville, Florida.

Steps to follow

Buy the right replacement head.

Replacing a wrong sprinkler head is likely to lead to an overwatered or under-watered part of the yard. Moreover, it may also interfere with the functioning of other sprinklers placed nearby. The very top of your existing sprinkler head might still have the required information. This information can, fortunately, help you pick up a piece that matches accurately.

Make sure that the part impacts the sprinkler head or is a pop-up. The pop-up sprinkler heads have to be further determined as static, gear-driven. No matter if the new replacement head is not the same brand as the previous one, the sprinkler head type should accurately match.

The next vital things you should precisely determine are the delivery rate, projecting distance, and the spray pattern. Any specs missing from the existing sprinkler head can probably locate the information on the head’s side. If you cannot get the information, visit the manufacturer’s website and mention your brand and part number to collect the precise specifications.

You can buy your new replacement sparkling heads from a nearby home improvement store or online lawn care or irrigation improvement store. Take the existing sprinkler head to the shop and compare it with the new pieces if they fail to find the information. It will help you get the right specs.

Dig out the damaged head

Sprinkler heads are right below, saturated with the ground. Dig it out with the help of a sturdy trowel. Take the patch of grass off around the sprinkler head carefully to replace it afterward quickly. Make a hole around the sprinkler head with the measurement circa six inches deep and one foot in diameter. Beware, the water line should not get punctured with the trowel. Make sure you don’t throw away the soil. Putting it in a container, you can readily replace it if not smash into the open water line.

Check the waterline. If you see a crack or any other issue in the line, the problem could be with the plumbing service rather than the sprinkler head. However, locate a plumber and fix the issue immediately.

Unscrew the old damaged head

The sprinkler head is fixed on a riser – a small pipe – that joints it to the waterline. Remove the sprinkler head from the riser by twisting the screw counterclockwise. If the riser comes out with the sprinkler head, carefully detach both components. You will find sealing tape on the riser. Use it to fill any surplus space amidst the riser’s male threads and the female threads of the sprinkler head, preventing the possible chances of a leak. Take off the tape and check the thread-pattern. If broken, worn, or misaligned, you will need to replace the riser. If there is no problem with the riser, reattach it to the water pipe using new seal tape. Make sure no dust or dirt particles knock into the open water line.

Replacing the damaged riser is a simple process. Buy a new piece that matches the size of the broken one. Apply the seal tape on both ends and attach them to the new riser.

Attach the head

Once the riser is set in the place with seal tape wrapped around, switch on the water and let it flow out all dirt and dust that have settled into the pipe. Set a flexible garden hose within the riser to divert the water flow into the nearby drain while processing the sprinkler head replacement process.

Switch off the water flow and attach the new sprinkler head onto the riser. Tighten the screw until it gets fit firmly in the desired direction.

Check the sprinkler head.

Switch on the system and check if the new replacement head is functioning well. Also, check there aren’t any leaks around the riser and the sprinkler head. Turn off the system and tighten the sprinkler head again if it still leaks. Reapply the seal tape for a firm fit if required. Reexamine the leak.

Besides, examine the height of the sprinkler head. Compare it with other pieces in the yard. A right sprinkler head will sit at precisely the same height as the other heads. The new sprinkler head should be low enough to prevent damage through the lawnmower blades and should also have a uniform size ensuring the precise spray pattern.

If you see the new sprinkler head doesn’t coordinate with the other pieces, tighten it further. Nevertheless, if you have replaced the riser, see if the riser’s length is the same as the old riser to ensure a consistent height. If the variance occurs, replace the new riser.

Ultimately, be sure that the new sprinkler head sprays water in the desired direction. If any issue continually occurs, call for expert help.

Fill the hole

After finding that the new sprinkler head is working correctly, shovel the dirt back into the hole, fill it with the trowel, and spread the sand evenly across the base. Press the loose soil till flat with your foot or hands. You can also use the back portion of the trowel to press the dirt.

If the sod was pulled in one piece, add it after replacing the sprinkler head. Just put it on the top of the sand around the irrigation fixture. Press it down firmly and water it immediately so that it restores roots. It doesn’t matter if the turf was damaged while taking off. Reseed the space around the sprinkler head and fertilize to help the growth.

Most importantly, never walk around the newly replaced sprinkler head for a couple of weeks to help the grass re-establish itself.

Now, since you have learned how to repair the damaged sprinkler head, you can see how simple the procedure is. If you encounter any difficulty along the way, contact lawn care services Jacksonville, Florida and get the best advantage from an expert’s experience. Sprinkler head replacement procedure might not be easy for everyone, but it is a quick action job. However, if you experience any issue in your greens, it is crucial to fix today rather than tomorrow.

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