Serhii Tokarev’s Vision: Diia.City United Paving the Way for Ukrainian Tech Ascendancy

Recently, Serhii Tokarev, an IT entrepreneur and investor, announced the formation of Diia.City United. This strategic collaboration among major Ukrainian technology companies aims to sculpt a landscape marked by transparent regulations, a conducive business climate, and the refinement of the Diia.City regime—a critical step towards propelling the nation’s tech industry to unparalleled heights.

According to Serhii Tokarev, a co-founder and general partner of the investment group Roosh, Roosh joins forces with industry giants such as Monobank, Genesis, Ajax Systems, MacPaw, and Netpeak Group, reflecting a united front in the pursuit of shared objectives.

The impetus behind Diia.City United, as emphasized by Tokarev, lies in its potential to be an effective tool for addressing the pressing needs of the Ukrainian IT sector through collaboration with the government. Legal transparency, work predictability, a favorable business climate, and the safeguarding and enhancement of the legal regime are central to the union’s mission.

Alexander Kosovan, the founder and CEO of MacPaw and President of Diia.City United, emphasizes that this union transcends a mere alliance—it embodies a two-way dialogue with the state. The ultimate goal is clear: to forge a predictable and equitable ecosystem conducive to business development, attracting investments, and realizing Ukraine’s entrepreneurial potential. The journey, Kosovan notes, is only just beginning.

The official presentation of Diia.City United on February 6 in Kyiv outlined its strategic priorities, ranging from safeguarding and refining the Diia.City regime to fostering honest interaction between the government and the tech sector. The union is committed to addressing urgent issues in the IT sector, advancing education, accelerating integration into the EU and global markets, and establishing a space for fair rules of diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Natalia Mykolska, the Executive Director of Diia.City United, underscored the union’s role as the voice of the tech business, ensuring that the government not only hears but comprehends the needs of the industry. Her focus on solving current issues within Diia.City, coupled with a global promotion of Ukrainian technology businesses, highlights the union’s commitment to comprehensive development.

Founders of Diia.City United highlighted Ukraine’s standing as a formidable competitor in the international tech market but stressed the need for transparent business conditions to achieve true leadership. The implementation of such conditions, they believe, will catalyze rapid development and attract substantial international investments for IT companies within the Diia.City ecosystem.

Deputy Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov noted that over 800 companies are Diia.City residents, with nearly 100 involved in the defense tech sector. He sees Diia.City United as a potent example of collaboration between the technological business and the state, a partnership that has the potential to reshape the rules of the game in favor of both parties.

As the curtains rose on the Diia.City United presentation, it garnered attention not only from Union members and tech industry insiders but also from members of parliament, representatives of EU and G7 embassies, investors, and thought leaders. With Serhii Tokarev leading the charge, Diia.City United stands as a testament to the collective vision driving Ukraine towards a future marked by innovation, collaboration, and global tech ascendancy.

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