Popular Chinese Food Dishes

One of the world’s most populous countries is China, with a rich culture and history tracing back thousands of years. China has, over the years, been able to preserve its rich cultural heritage in the area of architecture, literature, music, visual arts, martial arts, religion and philosophy. China has maintained and continues to prepare traditional Chinese cuisines, dishes and meals enjoyed by both local and international residents. Chinese have an extensive range of authentic and delicious cooking that vary and differ from region to region. Chinese restaurants continue to inspire and offer delicious meals that are enjoyed worldwide. Some of the popular Chinese food dishes include:

  • Fried rice

One of the well-known Chinese food dishes is fried rice. Rice is a staple of Chinese cuisine and a full meal that feeds your family. The combination of ingredients while preparing the meal includes pork, chicken, shrimp, mixed vegetables and carrots. Fried rice is a quick and simple meal you can prepare at home and enjoy with your loved ones. Fried rice has different flavours, including Cantonese fried rice, Yangzhou Fried Rice and Fujian Fried Rice. Yangzhou Fried Rice flavour is the most popular in Chinese restaurants, which usually consists of shrimp, rice, ham sausage scrambled with eggs, green beans and carrots.

  • Peking duck

Peking roast duck is another delicacy prepared and enjoyed in China. The peeking duck is usually seasoned before being roasted and served right out of the oven with its brazen golden skins still intact and signature crisp. This crispy roasted duck is served and sliced into bite-sized pieces while rolled up in a wrapper with hoisin sauce and salad. An expat teacher that desires to teach English in Shenzhen or any other city of choice in China should be prepared to try the Peking roast duck dish to enjoy this delicious meal. The roasted duck is served with sides of spring onion, sweet bean sauce and cucumber.

  • Sweet and sour pork

This particular cuisine is a staple dish enjoyed in western China and is often found in Chinese restaurants worldwide. This dish is prepared around key ingredients, including deep-fried pork stir-fried in a sour and sweet sauce and made of ketchup, sugar, soy sauce and white vinegar; additional elements, including green pepper, onions and pineapple, work to complete this signature meal. This is one of the classics of Chinese cuisine, particularly popular in Shanghai. You should plan a visit to one of the Chinese restaurants to enjoy this delicious meal that has a bright appearance and sweet, sour mix flavour.

  • Spring rolls

A spring roll is a dish prepared and enjoyed in different parts of China. Spring rolls are stuffed with meat and vegetables, wrapped with thin dough wrappers, and fried until crispy-golden. They are mainly prepared during the Chinese New Year to mark the end of winter and the start of the spring season. The spring roll fillings can be savoury or sweet, depending on your preference. You can obtain a spicy flavour by filling the spring rolls with shredded pork, mushrooms and Chinese cabbage. A well-prepared spring roll skin should be tender and crispy.

  • Wonton

Wonton is a meal with various fillings, packaging, flavours and cooking methods. Wonton can be either steamed or fried; however, wonton soup has steamed wontons submerged in boiled chicken broth with green onions. The boiled chicken broth is a rich concoction of Chinese ham, pork, chicken, aromatics, noodles and cabbage. Wonton soup is a tasteful and delicious Chinese cuisine you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Popular Chinese food dishes are eaten and enjoyed across the country and have been experienced by many people worldwide. When you get an opportunity to teach English in Guangzhou, you should enjoy some of these delicious meals to have an enriching experience during your stay in China.

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