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Podcasting-The New Marketing Powerhouse

Run a business?  And even without knowing what your business is, I will bet we have the same persistent and insatiable need: to deliver our message to more people, more effectively, more often. Our goal, of course, is to attract the right kind of attention and thereby continually grow our respective customer bases. And in 2020, I will spread the word about my business using the cutting-edge technology of podcasting.

Stay with me now, if you have a mild case of technophobia that’s fine. New technology can be intimidating, and busy entrepreneurs often find too much time to learn and integrate into their marketing plans. But in this case, outsourcing your technical needs is a viable option because, believe me, scrapping the most innovative mass communication vehicle to emerge in years would be a terrible oversight. The bottom line is that podcasting will quickly get your message across to a self-perpetuating audience of thousands of people, and it may be the answer to your marketing dreams.


Think of a podcast as downloadable radio content. A podcast is a digital file that is available to everyone through a free subscription over the Internet. Most podcasts are audio only, but you can also add video content. The main advantage of podcasting over traditional streaming is that users can download these web feeds to their personal computers, mp3 and CD players, and then listen to them “offline” at their convenience: in their car, during their morning run, on the office, or on your way to the chair lift during your ski vacation.

In most cases, podcasts are produced and recorded cheaply by ordinary people under normal circumstances, and as a result, they are unscripted, often fun, modern, full of energy, and fun to listen to. More and more, however, professionally produced podcasts are emerging as a smart and powerful marketing tool that, if done right, is rapidly building loyal listeners and ever-growing customer bases. For learn seo podcasting would be the best platform in future to spread the internet business worldwide within few minutes.

In fact, marketers have identified podcasting as a new and improved form of viral marketing, harnessing the power of Internet networks to quickly reach large numbers of consumers. At the same time, the podcast culture is made up of people who love to share information. If your message is compelling and / or entertaining, podcast subscribers will be happy to share it with others, quickly spreading your message to an audience of thousands. Additionally, because podcasts use RSS technology, podcast subscribers receive push notifications and feeds of their new podcast episodes, making transmission of your message virtually instantaneous.

As an entrepreneur, I am determined to overcome the same challenges that most startups have, and as a technology lover I want to use innovative approaches. I have successfully harnessed the power of podcasting to promote my business in two weekly podcasts with increasing success. And now you can too, regardless of your level of technical knowledge.

Cheryl Henson

Cheryl Henson is a passionate blogger and digital marketing professional who loves writing, reading, and sharing blogs on various topics.

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