London-Gates Review 2021: How well does this broker do in the trading world?

The top quality that I look for in trading platforms is reliability. I learned to appreciate its value last year when the online broker that I was using last year experienced a crashed server. I not just lost my data and money but also my naivety. I started to count the design and software to be as important as other features of the online trading platform. Sometimes we get caught up in advanced features and fancy quirks and forget the basics. Now I always start with the basics.

People may think that I take it too far, but I have a reason for analyzing every single aspect of the trading platforms I use. I researched the properties a good online broker should have and I took time to reflect on my own trading requirements. Once I had a good idea of what I wanted in an online broker, I could narrow down my choices to a select few.

There are so many online brokers out there. Each year brings forth new trading platforms that fiercely compete in the market with flashy, innovative features. Anyone who’s been in the trading game as long as I have will appreciate how important it is to narrow down your top picks.

I have a well-defined criterion for selecting trading platforms that suit my purpose and meet my expectations. I suggest that you should too whether you’re just starting out in the trading arena or have been doing it for a while with low success. Some of the attributes you need to look for are the use of the latest technology, a well-designed user interface, a good software framework, reliable options for investment, available resources that provide instructions and education, responsive customer support, and assurance of security.

While I knew that finding all these qualities under one platform will be tough, I was hoping to find a platform that is determined to achieve these as its goals. This is when my brother recommended a platform he has been using for years, London-Gates.

I know that every trader operates at different levels, and the way you choose to progress in the market is dependent on the decisions that you choose to make. This is why when I tried out London-Gates for the first time, I kept my options open and my opinion strong as this will help me critically assess its service features. Not only is this another one of the many reasons that I have chosen to review this platform, but it is also a necessary disclaimer for my personal opinion on this platform.

It is difficult to find all these attributes in one platform, and I was hopeful. I wanted to discover a platform that doesn’t only talk the talk but walks the walk. A friend recommended the trading platform, London-Gates to me after I expressed my dissatisfaction with the platform I was using at the time. Your success in the market depends on your knowledge and better judgment. There is no way around them. But some trading platforms can help you make choices that can pave the way to success in trading. I wanted to see the impact that London Gates will have on my trading skills. I tried to keep an open mind but at the same time, I scrutinized every aspect of the platform and my own progress in trading.

You should know that even though I’ll discuss the features of the platform through an objective lens, you will have my personal opinion as well. Your experience with this platform might vary from mine. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a good look at the features of this online platform.

The Use of Latest Technology (RATING 85%)

I’ve been around the block when it comes to online trading. I’ve used many trading platforms, and I try to stay on top of the technology they use. That’s why I could compare the technological features that London-Gates uses with other top brokers.

I was impressed by the work area that this platform provides. Its integrated graphics and interactive server are laudable as well. You can easily scroll through the website and find the features you’re looking for. However, it takes a while to get the hang of the tutorial video on their landing. They need to give more options for viewing it.

A Well-Designed User Interface (RATING 77%)

An attractively designed user interface is not just a bonus, in my opinion. It is one of the necessary features you want to consider before you choose a trading platform. A well-designed interface shows a platform’s credibility and commitment to providing its users with the best experience. London-Gates have the same basic framework but they have presented it in an innovative way.

The platform’s theme is vibrant with a beautiful colour palette. It is different from the themes and designs you will find on other trading platforms. That’s why I thought the user interface of London-Gates was a breath of fresh air.

The online broker makes it a point for its users to understand there is a risk associated with leveraged financial instruments such as cryptocurrency, Forward Rate Agreements, and Contract for Differences. I thought it was very thoughtful of them to include that disclaimer in the design so that the users are aware of the risk at all times.

London-Gates have several cryptocurrencies that you can use such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Dash. Cryptocurrency is booming, and you might find that it is worth it to jump on the bandwagon. You can use this platform to add cryptocurrency to your investment portfolio.

Strong software (rating 80%)

This was a rather difficult feature to assess since the working of the software depends upon the device it is being operated on. London-Gates is an online brokerage designed to be functional on multiple portable devices so you can access and at any time and anywhere in the world. Considering my recent experience this feature attracted my attention. The software is well designed to modulate differently both on laptop and smartphone browsers. However, a drawback of this program is that it does not indicate time nor date; moreover, it can only be operated in one language, English, so it can be inconvenient for traders working in various languages.

Genuine Investment opportunities ( rating 90%)

On London-Gates you can trade over 200 assets by using 5 various categories: Stocks, Commodities, Forex, Crypto, and indices. I personally opted for a self-managed account since it is more suitable for a trial run. The aspect that really caught my attention was that they had a standardized registration process for all accounts as well as the security policies too. This indicated their responsibility and regard towards all domains of traders and especially reflected upon their concern for security for all levels without any bias.

Instructive Resources (rating 75%)

If you compare London-Gates with other online trading platforms you will find out that it offers the most innovative tools in the least amount of commission making it an excellent choice for novice traders. Moreover, it has a simple user-friendly interface that will not make you feel overwhelmed. Along with this, the availability of a tutorial on their landing page gives an overview of the platform making it easier to be operated by beginners. In addition to this various pop-up lists are available such as for custom settings that help you personalize your charts, which has been very useful for my trading sessions.

If you still feel like you need further assistance in the trading world then there is an entire section allocated to enhance your knowledge containing everything you need from eBooks to Glossary. This section has been labeled as the education center. This makes London-Gates not only an online trading platform but a resource centre that can be your guide through your trading journey. It can help familiarize you with technical terms that are frequently used in the current market.

However, I had to cut down on the rating because the information has not been updated in a while. Though I hope they choose to actively add to the library since it is a helpful feature.

Supportive Administration (Rating 90%)

Even though I have been trading for years yet I depend upon the supportive network of brokers provided by the platform for customer service and London-Gates has an exceptional support option. This integrated feature can help you fit into the trading world if you are a newbie. You can easily access the support from any page you are on without having to redirect yourself back and forth. The form requires you to attach a picture along with your query to convey your issue clearly. Apart from this, there is a separate section dedicated to contacting the administration via email or live chat.

Service operators immediately assign you to expert brokers with years of experience in the field. They easily get your point and make sure to acknowledge all your concerns. Their customer service impressed me and I found it to be reliable and satisfactory.

Take Away

If you are considering joining the London-Gates online reading platform then it is a good and reliable choice for the long run. My experience on it for the past several months has been very satisfactory. I have not faced any particular inconvenience that the support network was unable to guide me through. The platform is very straightforward and ensures that it accommodate its client in every possible way while giving major regards to security.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. I cannot be responsible for any inconvenience that might occur trading/exchanging with this company.

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