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When it comes to doing some improvements to your house, it is crucial to make an informed decision. You might look for certified handyman services in Mississauga, or you may try to sign a contract with a licensed contractor. Whomsoever it may be! Before signing the contract, it is important to find the right person or company for your job. Having the wrong person doing the job can result in additional payments or put your project at risk.


A house will call for various big or small projects at times. The projects may range from adding shelves to upgrading the bathroom space. For such projects, you will need to decide whether you should look for a licensed contractor or a handyman. Instead of comparing the two trades, it is crucial to understand each profession and learn whom you should call for assistance. It is a fact that you don’t require a handyman to do the work a licensed contractor does, and a licensed contractor should never do the task a handyman does.

Remember, neither a contractor nor a handyman is a certified electrician or a certified plumber. Therefore, you should always hire a licensed specialist for every aesthete work done in your house.

Handyman: A Short Description

A handyman is skilled in certain tasks in or around a house, and the profession does not need any precise license, certificate, or qualification. A handyman can work out any job, no matter how small. He can handle anything from painting walls to fixing holes to changing the far-to-reach lights. He is a utility player. He might be good at some particular jobs but not the best at everything, but he will excel at many small jobs.

Screen Handyman For Small Jobs

A handyman can be either an individual or have a couple of assistants. He can also be part of a large handyman company. Screening the potential handyman candidates is a good idea to ensure that they can do your job right, even if they only handle small projects. Regardless of the location, always screen the handyman before hiring. The handyman you hire should have the expertise to handle any task you throw his way.

Hire A Handyman service Ontario for

Handyman Service Ontario

A local handyman service Ontario is a great and economical investment for home renovations. He can fix almost all basic household problems. Notwithstanding, it is good to hire a licensed contractor for major overhauls. A handyman will only handle his projects with one or two people. He should not be assigned any project that seems impossible or tough for you or an individual handyman.

Licensed Contractor: A Short Description

A licensed general contraction is the best fit to handle large construction projects. Handymen don’t have the precise tools and equipment required for large improvement projects. However, the contractors can handle any property improvement project differently than a handyman. When it comes to remodeling a kitchen, renovating a bathroom, upgrading a basement, or any other big project like this, a licensed contractor is ideal for getting the ball rolling. Of course, the contractors have to keep up with licensing requirements. They also have to figure out the big pictures of construction projects.

Screen A Licensed Contractor For Small Jobs

General contractors handle big projects. However, you need to be very careful and research before signing one. A general contractor appears to be more qualified and skilled than a handyman, but he might not be in practice. You can sign a qualified general contractor from many candidates based on expertise, license credentials, reviews, testimonials, and references. When vetting the contractor, make sure that you sign a licensed and verified name.

The Crew Of A General contractor

Depending on the project, licensed contractors have a trained team to help them. For instance, if you are looking to renovate your kitchen, your contractor will hire certified plumbers, licensed electricians, and a skilled cabinet installer at the very least. Another group of experts they will need to enlist could be a demolition crew or a flooring expert. Of course, each project will require a different crew.

Hire Certified Plumbers

Besides, to build or upgrade a home entertainment center, the general contractor you hire will have the help of other specialists who can meet the needs of your project. For example, they will need a team of licensed electricians, sound experts, builders, or flooring specialists.

A Licensed Contractor’s Job

Your licensed general contractor is likely to be at the spinoffs when handling the actual work. The formation of the team they will have depends on the type of project they are assigned to. However, if your project is good enough to handle one person, hiring a licensed contractor may not be appropriate.

Hire A Licensed Contractor For

A licensed contractor should only be hired to complete large-scale projects, or considerable remodel jobs. General contractors generally have comprehensive insurance coverage and can offer you a detailed project plan. Moreover, the services of licensed contractors are more expensive than handymen.

Handyman and Licensed Contractor: The Different Roles

Handymen don’t have any measurable qualifications. Instead, they are accustomed to carrying out small repair and maintenance jobs. A handyman is skilled but often not more than you. Rather, they are the best hands to have if you need help with a small maintenance or repairing project.

General contractors are licensed and have the expertise to handle large-scale projects. They are highly trained to carry out any job that a handyman cannot. A contractor can work alone and, if required, can also have a backup team.

Hire The Right One

The best way to determine if you should opt for a licensed contractor or a handyman is to assess your project’s type and need. You might consider hiring a handyman to help you complete simple jobs that you cannot handle yourself. Plastering, door handing, wall painting, light or fixture changing, and other similar jobs are some of the tasks that need the hands of a handyman.

It is ideal to contact a licensed general contractor to complete big projects. However, some small projects are not covered under contractors’ insurance if they make mistakes. This is because it only covers large construction or renovations projects. On the contrary, a handyman will not be covered for mishaps and errors.

Ultimately, while hiring handyman services for your business or a general contractor, remember these key differences. A handyman is a good choice for a quick task, whereas for large projects, hire a contractor. Remember that each contractor is not the same, so choosing the right one is important. You can download CertifiedArtisans App to find best handyman near you.

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