These Are The Latest Tech Trends That Every Business Should Be Aware Of

Technology is constantly changing the way companies do business. From the meetings that we have to the products that we sell, modern technological advancements have helped businesses get ahead in their fields whilst keeping costs down and cutting waste. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, you need to know how these trends are impacting the world of business. These are the latest tech trends that every business should be aware of.

Better internet access

Better internet access is making it easier for businesses to succeed across the whole world, not just in metropolitan areas. According to a study published by Cisco (News – Alert), global internet traffic will increase fourfold over the next five years, and they predict that 80 percent of all data transfer will take place wirelessly. With such vast quantities of information spread across such a wide area, companies need to keep investing in their wireless capabilities to have a shot at surviving.

The speed of your internet connection will soon determine whether or not you can compete with bigger rivals. With 5G wireless technology on the horizon, it will be possible for businesses to download an entire feature-length film onto their phones within seconds.

Automation in the office

Whilst it sometimes seems like the computers are taking over, automation in the office is actually opening up more time for staff to spend on higher-value tasks. Companies are installing things like an automated louver to let in natural light and airflow at the right times of the day. They are also automating their thermostats and heating systems which is helping to keep costs down on regular expenditures like electricity.

In short, automation is making us more productive. The days when every employee had a desk piled high with filing cabinets are fading into memory because automated machines are doing most of the hard work for them. Using sensors, voice recognition software, and facial recognition software gives employees more time to concentrate on higher-value tasks like brainstorming and writing reports.

Big data and smart analytics

Now that we can collect and crunch such vast quantities of data, companies are making it work to their advantage. Data about customer behavior is helping businesses to target advertisements more accurately or fine-tune the products they sell to meet market needs.
By using our mobile phones as a GPS system, companies can track us down wherever we are. They are also able to track our browsing behaviors on the internet, which is helping them to fine-tune their advertising campaigns for bigger returns.

As well as using big data in their offices, companies are using it to communicate with each other too. The use of advanced cloud computing has made it easier for businesses around the world to swap information and speed up their decision-making processes.

BYOD (bring your own device)

In today’s world, employees are expected to use their own devices in the workplace. The idea behind BYOD is that many different kinds of hardware can access a company’s network, giving employees more freedom to choose what they want to work with. It means they can take advantage of discounts on equipment and don’t have to work with clunky old equipment that belongs to the company.


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