Things To Know When You are a Victim To A Motorcycle Accident

Being a victim of a motorcycle injury can be physically as well as mentally damaging. The least of your worry at that time will be to handle the legal side of the situation. You can seek monetary compensation for your injuries.

Suffering from injuries and facing extensive medical bills can be overwhelming, for financial compensation that you deserve contact a motorcycle accident attorney at Spartacus law firm. We are here to help protect your rights and provide you with the justice you deserve.

Motorcycle Injuries:

    • Fractures:

The impact of an accident can rupture the arms, legs, ankles, feet, and other parts of the body. Fracture of bones can also happen due to a biker trying to break a fall.

    • Internal damage:

Sometimes blunt force experienced from an accident can lead to internal bleeding or harm an organ. The blow from a hard object may not break the skin, but causes internal injuries, which need to be treated right away.

    • Spine injuries:

When the blow of the accident affects the spinal cord it can result in paralysis of legs and lower body or paralysis of both upper and lower body. It can leave the victim’s body with a permanent disability.

    • TBI

TBI is an abbreviation for traumatic brain injuries. As bickers do not have an outer shell covering to absorb the impact of an accident, their head is at high risk of damage. More so if the bicker is not wearing a helmet.

    • Abrasion

Abrasion or more commonly known as road rash can happen when a biker’s body falls off the bike creating friction with the road. The rashes can be severe or mild and need immediate medical treatment as the risk of lasting scars and infection is present.

As per the research of NHTSA, it is found that the most common injuries are of lower parts like the legs or pelvis. Due to the position of legs and pelvis on the motorcycle, they are most vulnerable during a crash. A brutal leg injury may even cost the victim its ability to walk.

The next common injury as per NCBI is the upper parts of the body such as the head, face, neck, and abdomen. This type of injury from a crash is mostly experienced by riders who are above the age of forty. The larger and heavier motorcycles are typically driven by older riders giving lower parts of the body more coverage and thus having a high chance of upper-extremity injuries.

These injuries can put your life in danger, even if you survive the recovery time will increase and so will the cost of medical treatment. The riders can follow the traffic rules and regulations and drive cautiously to prevent any accidents. Also wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of head injuries by 69% and fatality by 37%.

The insurance company will be interested in making their profit and lower your claim or reject it together. Therefore it is vital that you hire a lawyer for getting compensation for suffering in pain.

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