Is Your Web Design Serving its Purpose?

Every business owner nowadays understands the importance of having a fully-fledged website for their brand. A website plays a vital role in establishing your mark on the internet. It also creates a good image for your brand, if done right. But how do you find what makes your website attractive? And whether it suits the intended purpose?

Simply put, there are certain elements that you must incorporate and factors you should consider for a website to be efficient.

In this blog,, a professional web design Vadodara, has shared useful information to open your eyes to the cool world of websites. And how you can make sure that your website performs well on the internet.

Important factors of web design

Designing your website is not child’s play. This is why several professional website development companies have come in business to provide best web design and development services. It makes your life easier and your website more efficient. Whatever your niche be, a website must have the following aspects to make sure it doesn’t fail.

1. Create a mobile-friendly design:

First of all, mobile devices are everywhere. You do not know exactly what your prospect will use to open your website. So, it is important that you make sure your website works well in smaller aspect ratios as well. Your website should look consistent on all devices. No matter the aspect ratios, the style of your website should reflect your brand and be sleek.

2. Set up easier navigation methods:

If you do not make your website easier to navigate, your visitors will definitely head out. Even websites with quality content do not see the light of the day due to their complicated design. Especially when you design your landing page, try to be as minimalistic as possible.

Only include contents that are absolutely necessary. On a more important note, not everyone is patient enough to look for the information they want. There’s always a competitor waiting to snatch away your prospect.

3. Include visual content:

A dry website is one that has no images or visually pleasing content. Imagine a website with zero colors and images. How depressing would that be? Images significantly improve the quality and outlook of your website.

In fact, explainer video contents are more likely to convert leads than any other form of content. Some websites even incorporate a gaming interface to improve user engagement. People like videos about products they are looking for.

Also, try to use only an optimized amount of images and video content. Too much of anything will spoil your website’s classiness. You should also consider adding only relevant images.

4. Draft informative content:

The ultimate purpose of professional web designing, is to deliver a website that serves your purpose. Thus, the content you add such as blogs and animated videos must have some kind of use to your target audience. Your website should provide users as the one-stop solution for all their queries regarding your product/services.

5. Place CTAs:

Call-to-action is the text that persuades your visitors to perform a specific action. It conveys the purpose of the website that you are here to sell something. All you need to do is make your CTA the most alluring part of your website. To do that, perform some A/B testing to ensure which performs better. Use colors that are easily recognizable, it greatly improves visibility.

How to define the purpose of your website?

If you are still wondering whether your website serves the purpose, go through with the following steps:

  1. Perform detailed research on your target audience to better understand what they truly want in a website.
  2. Analyze your website to find what kind of audience has visited your website the most. If it matches your ideal customer profile, your website is surely doing a good job.
  3. Research your competitor’s website to see if you are missing something. Also, you can find what sets you apart from the others and use it to your advantage. In other words, highlight your unique selling points.

We at Consumer Sketch, a website development company Vadodara, deal with web design gigs from almost every sector. Hence, we clearly set out a process to understand the unique needs of every customer and deliver a website worth showcasing.


Designing your website is simultaneously a simple yet complicated process. It takes a professional to understand how each part of a website affects its performance on the search results. And you do not have to do it alone, you always have professionals from a web design company to help you with it.

Cheryl Henson

Cheryl Henson is a passionate blogger and digital marketing professional who loves writing, reading, and sharing blogs on various topics.

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