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Instagram vs TikTok: The Differences Explained

What do you think of when you consider the two most popular social media platforms right now? Instagram vs TikTok?

Both are widely popular and successful apps, but which outperforms the other?

While they are among the most relevant places on the internet right now, they have key differences that may swing you one way or the other.

Depending on what you use these apps for, it’s essential to know which should be your priority.

Keep reading to learn the differences between Instagram vs TikTok.

Instagram vs TikTok: The Basics Explained

Using TikTok and using Instagram can be very similar. However, users generally create different types of content for each app.

TikTok is a video-only platform, while Instagram allows its users to post photos and videos on their feeds, stories, and IGTV channels.

Because of this, TikTok is often used to create viral dance videos, comedy skits, and short stories through video form. Tons of new music have become famous because it’s gone viral on TikTok.

Instagram’s allowance of more diversified content means there are many different uses of it.

Influencers that are a part of other social media platforms use Instagram as a daily check-in. They post on their stories throughout their day and engage with comments on their posts.

Different brands use Instagram to promote their products. They may even turn their profile into a shoppable store that links to their website.

Both platforms have similar requirements to get verified. Being verified means, you have a prominent presence not only on their platform but also on the entire internet and media.

Getting verified can significantly increase your followers and engagement, so click here to learn how to get a blue check on Instagram.

Key Differences

To reap the benefits of social media, you have to know how to use it properly. You also have to understand your end goal thoroughly.

Generally, social media can help you engage with a broad audience you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. When considering TikTok vs Instagram, you need to determine your targeting options.

Instagram allows you to target specific audiences through paid advertising platforms. Yet, TikTok only allows you to target geographical regions, making it more difficult to reach your target audience.

However, because TikTok’s audience is younger, with most of its users being 16-24, using this platform gives you a much greater chance of connecting with younger people.

Furthermore, the main difference between Instagram and TikTok that could sway you one way or the other is the age of the platforms.

Instagram has been around for much longer, and it has proven itself as a platform with a lasting appeal that is used worldwide. It has also established itself as being highly successful with social media marketing campaigns, giving it excellent brand appeal.

TikTok, on the other hand, is relatively new, but it has incredibly engaged users that make high-quality content. Its advertising campaigns have also been successful, and it has the appeal of not yet knowing what its full potential could bring.

Which Platform Is Better for You?

When comparing Instagram vs TikTok, you really can’t lose with either one. While Instagram has been around longer and offers more diversified content, TikTok produces viral videos every day, and it continues to expand in popularity.

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