Increase Sales and Grow Your Business With a Dedicated Phone Number

If you’re a freelancer or startup entrepreneur, you probably rely on your personal cellphone number to handle business calls and texts. That can get frustrating when your phone is ringing while you are trying to relax.

Separate your work and personal calls with a dedicated line for your business. It’s an affordable way to increase sales and grow your business.

Streamlined Communication

Whether your business operates on the local level or is an e-commerce giant, you need a well-oiled communication machine. Streamlining communications will enable your team to work together and perform tasks more efficiently. Despite the onset of new technologies, like email and video conferencing, phone calls are still the most effective way to communicate with customers and coworkers. A dedicated line will ensure all calls are routed to the appropriate party, and employees won’t be distracted by personal phone calls or texts. A dedicated line also helps small business owners maintain their work-life balance by keeping their personal and professional communications separate. This will make it easier to manage their calendar and keep track of all messages, contacts and notes in one app.

Increased Productivity

Dedicated business phone numbers protect your number from the public and enable you to operate more smoothly than ever. It also helps you maintain a work-life balance and prevents distractions from incoming personal calls or texts. Dedicated lines are automated and linked to on-call management and critical alerting systems. Incoming calls automatically route to the on-call team, and voicemails and SMS are delivered as loud, distinguishable alerts in the staff’s OnPage app. Municipalities use dedicated lines so citizens can report emergencies to public safety services, and IT businesses offer them to clients for instant help with critical infrastructure failures. In addition, midwifery groups use dedicated lines so patients can send an SMS text message to their on-call nurses for immediate care instructions, and the messages are delivered as high-priority notifications in the OnPage app.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a crucial element in your business’s success. Satisfied customers are brand advocates who spread good word of mouth, bringing in new buyers and increasing your bottom line. In fact, according to a recent American Express survey, consumers are willing to spend 17 percent more with brands that provide excellent customer service. Additionally, happy consumers are more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family, which will increase sales. High levels of client satisfaction are essential for businesses if they wish to succeed in today’s cutthroat economy. Collecting key metrics such as call resolution rates, average issue-handling time, and more is important to increase customer satisfaction. These KPIs will help you identify and improve areas not meeting your customers’ needs.

Enhanced Customer Service

A dedicated line allows anyone to reach teams or individuals after hours via phone call, voicemail or SMS message. Dedicated lines inherit account-level preferences, such as business hours and time zones, but can also be customized for the agent assigned to them. Incoming calls are reliably routed to on-call agents using automated processes, while voicemails and critical notifications are delivered as high-priority pages. Excellent customer service goes beyond simply responding to customers after the fact; it requires anticipating their needs. Good customer support can help identify new product opportunities, keep major issues from escalating and create brand loyalty. Small businesses can’t be on-call around the clock, but it is possible to post availability at key touchpoints and let customers know how quickly they can expect a response by phone.

Increased Brand Recognition

Increasing brand recognition can boost your business, but only when supported by a credible image and marketing tactics. Ensure your brand is memorable by connecting with consumers with a dedicated phone number.

Dedicated numbers show professionalism and provide privacy. Plus, they allow you to separate personal and work calls to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Many businesses use dedicated lines so customers can easily reach them when needed. For example, IT businesses use a dedicated line so clients can immediately contact their on-call engineers for after-hours support. Similarly, midwifery groups have dedicated lines so their patients can send a text or voicemail to the on-call midwives for immediate help. These dedicated lines are a way to show that your business is always ready to assist its customers.

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