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How Video is Taking Over Digital and Online Marketing

Of all the digital marketing strategies you have to choose from, which is the most important? The answer is video digital marketing, hands-down.

And why is that? Video ads effectively demo your products, boost the performance of your website, and have a high ROI. Plus, they’re applicable in any industry.

And those are only a few of the many reasons why video marketing is the number-one winning strategy in digital marketing today. You’ll find even more reasons listed below. Read on to learn all about the importance of video content marketing today.

1. Demo Your Products

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video’s worth about a million pictures. That is, aside from in-person demos, there’s no better way than video to explain and demonstrate your products.

Furthermore, a demo, unboxing, or how-to video will get more views than your in-store demo, anyway. And, it’s far cheaper to produce a video than to hold live demonstrations.

2. Varied Content Means More Viewers

Here’s another way video is better than blog content alone. Namely, there are millions of internet users who don’t read your blog but who might come across your video through a related online search.

In fact, your video may even show up as an ad before a YouTube video. This way, you get viewed by millions who weren’t looking for your content at all.

3. Boost SEO

Video also boosts your SEO success. For one thing, video content on your website increases your chances of attracting online search traffic. Secondly, the videos on your YouTube channel can lead viewers to your website through clickable video links.

4. A Great ROI

Over 80% of marketers say that their video campaigns offer a good ROI and have increased their sales. And that makes sense after what we’ve already explained.

To reiterate, video is a great and cheap way to demo your products and, therefore, increase sales. Cheap plus effective equals great ROI.

5. Viewers Can’t Always Skip Video Ads

Video ads on certain apps and YouTube videos aren’t always skippable. And even viewers who look away from your video ad might still hear it. Most other types of advertising cannot make this boast.

6. All Businesses Can and Should Use Video Digital Marketing

As mentioned, anything you sell can be explained with video. Thus, every type of business that exists, including yours, can benefit from digital video marketing.

7. It’s Easy and Affordable to Outsource

Lastly, you’re already an expert in your own field. You don’t also have to be an expert in video production to have a successful video campaign.

There are thousands of companies who will handle digital marketing video production for you at a very affordable price. Visit for a good example of this.

Is Your Business Using Video Digital Marketing?

The bottom line is, video digital marketing is no longer optional. Businesses that don’t include video in their advertising strategies will easily be overshadowed by their competition.

Thus, you can’t afford to miss out anymore, either. If you own a business and you haven’t gotten started with video content marketing, do so as soon as possible.

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