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How to Use Social Media to Improve Your SEO Ranking?

Studies and data indicate that social media can help in improving the rank of a website. This has been one of the popular discussion topics in the online search industry. This particular topic is important as it talks about whether social media helps in improving SEO or not.

According to the experts of the OMG SEO Agency, social media channels play a key role in the overall SEO strategy of a brand. In this guide, we would be discussing in detail how social media impacts the SEO ranking of a business.

Here’s How Social Media Helps SEO

Social media does not affect the SEO ranking of a website directly; however, it can directly impact the factors that impact the SEO rankings. Adding or sharing links on social media profiles can help a business in attracting more traffic. Social media channels can also help the business with content and this makes it a popular method for increasing the SEO ranking of a website.

When you create quality content, it tends to provide users with detailed information about the business. The content may come in different forms such as blogs, videos, eBooks, or infographics. Content marketing is all about sharing information with the users related to the topic that they are searching for. When users find the required information or content, they might spend some time going through it. If the audience spends more time on a web page, it would send a signal to the search engines that the specific web page is valuable. Thus, the search engines would end up ranking the website higher in the search results.

Users may also find the content organically, hence, a business can use social media to reach out to a greater number of users. This can also help in increasing the customer base of the business. Through social media, users can also share the content further with their connections. The followers can further share this content, which exposes it to more people. In this way, brand awareness also increases and so does the traffic to the web page along with SEO rankings.

Best Practices for Social Media SEO

Three major strategies can be followed for creating opportunities that can enhance SEO rankings through social media. These strategies are as follows:

  • Set up Link Opportunities: Creating link opportunities is an effective way of promoting content on social media and increasing traffic to a website. One can easily approach other website owners or bloggers for linking the content to their posts or profiles on different social media platforms. Thus, the content would reach a huge audience resulting in more traffic and conversions.
  • Boost the number of Positive Brand Mentions: In case a specific brand gets many positive brands mentions on different social media platforms, search engines are forced to recognize the brand and view it as an ‘entity’. This can increase the SEO ranking of the website and bring in more traffic for it.
  • Build and Strengthen Partnerships: Social media can also be used for building strategic partnerships. This will boost traffic and enhance the SEO ranking of a brand. Since it is becoming difficult for businesses to reach the target audience organically, one needs to focus on different methods to reach out to potential customers. Building and strengthening relationships with other website owners or bloggers can help the business in reaching out to a greater number of people and ultimately ranking high in SERP.

The Connection Between Social Media and SEO Rankings

The major link between social media and SEO rankings starts through content marketing. Content marketing is all about enticing, informing, and entertaining the target audience. Social media platforms are considered a great way of promoting content online. SEO ensures that the digital activity of a business can enhance its search engine ranking.  All such things need to work together for achieving relevance for your target audience. High-quality content is generally:

  • Client-centric
  • Presentable and shareable
  • Free of jargon
  • Non-promotional
  • Provides guidance and value

One can get maximum benefits with SEO efforts by creating high-quality content. Every day, new content is being produced across the globe. Search engines tend to crawl the internet before creating an index for finding the best websites for the search query.

The process of crawling and indexing can be tedious and hence search engines such as Google can turn to Twitter for searching new content. In 2015, Google signed a deal with Twitter that allowed it to access the public data generated by over 300 million Twitter users. This way, the profile information, tweets, as well as other forms of public data of Twitter users, becomes easily available to Google.

Optimizing Social Media for SEO

Social media platforms can be optimized for SEO in different ways. Below are some effective tips that would help you in making the most of it:

  • Include Social Media tools in your Website: Including social sharing tools in a website’s architecture is a great way for optimizing social media for SEO. You can include direct web links to your social media profiles from your website and vice versa. One can also add social media sharing buttons in the blog posts. Social media links are considered as high-quality links as they have a higher web authority.
  • Line up your Social Media Profile with SEO keywords: SEO keywords play a crucial role in increasing exposure of the social media profiles of a business. It thus becomes important to structure the major keywords and line up them with social profiles so that they can rank high in searches.
  • Add Target Keywords to your Social Media Posts: Since keywords also play a major role in the case of a website, blog, or an ad campaign, you need to include them in your social media posts as well.
  • Maintain Consistency: Making a social media profile is quite easy, however, this is one area where many businesses may fall short. The information in social media profiles needs to be 100% complete as most of the search engines favor profiles that have complete information.
  • Add Branded Cover Images: When users visit a social media page, the first thing that gets noticed is the cover image. This is a great opportunity for a business to convey its brand’s message to the target audience. One also needs to ensure that the recommended size guides are applied following different social media platforms.
  • Be Social on all Social Media channels: Search engines tend to look for social signals as well as the posting frequency of business while ranking it for SEO. The number of users interacting with the business is also considered as well as the social sharing elements that have been added for the visitors. The idea behind this is to build relationships and share relevant content with the audience.
  • Always Stay in Control: Never allow the employees to use their email for managing or creating the social media account of your brand. A company-controlled email account should always be used.


SEO is an important component for growing a business in the digital world, where competition tends to be fierce and huge. You can easily see this through the above points. Thus, you need to optimize the social media profiles of your business to rank higher in the SERP.

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