How to Make an Effective Recruitment Policy

For a Human Resources department to be effective, the company needs to have a clear hiring policy, taking into account the different positions within the organisation, what sort of people you want to attract and what types of checks they should undergo. When you prepare a recruitment policy you need to make sure that it is in accordance with Australian law.

People must know who’s in charge of what in the recruitment process so no time is wasted when there’s a vacancy to be filled. Here are a few tips.

Assigning responsibilities

The HR manager cannot be expected to do everything. When the HR gets word they need to hire someone for a certain position, the person in charge of writing and placing ads should get started right away. The company’s recruitment policy should outline the preferred means of finding candidates. Some go straight to job boards, others prefer to use social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. If you work with recruiting agencies, they should be aware of the type of people you’re looking for.

Another part of the recruitment process refers to going through all the resumes, and this is time consuming if you don’t have special software to process applications. The company’s recruitment policy should specify whose job it is.

Once the initial selection is done, the remaining candidates could be contacted by phone. This is also a job for low level HR employees who can discuss the details of the position advertised. This is a very effective tool to further reduce the number of candidates.

Top level HR employees will have the task of conducting the final interviews with the candidates.

Background checks

The company’s employment policy should provide clear instructions as to the background checks that should be used.

More and more Australian companies have included national criminal history checks in their recruitment policies, and it’s not about those domains where police checks are mandatory.

No matter the size of the company, many employers feel the need to screen ex-convicts, especially if their offences are relevant to the type of jobs they offer. Background checks can be used to make sure you don’t hire someone with a long list to theft or fraud, but also known sex-offenders, or people with links to criminal organisations.

If such checks are included in the company’s hiring policy, it is the duty of the HR manager to find a reliable online character check agency to be used as needed. You can set up an account with large online services like Equifax or ANCC Australian National Character Check. When you set up an account with such an agency, things will run smoothly, with the results coming in within 2-3 days.

A specific HR employee can be tasked to take care of all the necessary criminal history checks, and this doesn’t mean any additional paperwork. The results are sent via email so they can be neatly saved in a folder. Make sure that no third-parties have access to such files, as this sort of information is confidential, and sharing it with others is illegal. Also, don’t forget to get the written consent of the candidates before ordering a police check.

The same employee could also be in charge of performing other types of checks, like educational or past employment checks.

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