How to Find a Great Civil Rights Attorney

The George Floyd case was a watershed moment in American history and it could change the future of policing in this country. Police officers know there is a chance that they can be held personally liable for abuse, and that the result will be more than a slap on the hand. This also means that you have more power as a citizen if you feel like you have suffered from police abuse. It all starts by finding a good lawyer who’ll be willing to defend you until the end and help you navigate through the case. Here’s how you can find a great civil rights attorney.

Their Track Record

The first thing you have to do is check what their area of expertise is and how many cases similar to yours they’ve defended before. While the lawyer or firm doesn’t have to deal only with civil rights and police misconduct cases, it should be a large part of their practice. You should be able to see that from the minute you get to their site and by verifying their court history.

Firms like Romanucci & Blandin LLC are a great example of a multidisciplinary team you can trust. They have represented victims of malpractice and personal injury, but also defended many cases involving civil rights violations and police misconduct. These firms will usually have a larger pool of resources and a better understanding of the local court system, which could benefit your case.

Look for Good Communication

Civil rights cases can get very complex and stressful, especially when they deal with the police. You need someone who will be able to comfort you in times of distress, but who will also be truthful with you and explain complex concepts in simple terms. If you come out not understanding certain things even after asking questions, or if they seem to paint too rosy a picture to get you off their backs, it’s a bad sign.

You also have to know how accessible they will be. You can’t expect to be able to reach them 24/7 or get a verbal response every time you call them. But they should get back to you promptly and you should be able to talk with someone who knows the general facts of your case if needed.

Spend a Lot of Time on Your First Consultation

You should spend as much time as possible with your attorney on your first consultation. It should be free, so this is the perfect time to speak on what you’re expecting from the case and what you can realistically get. You need to go in prepared and have a clear outline of what you want to say so that the session can remain focused. You can then start speaking about the process. Get a timeframe for every step and procedure in the case. You should also start speaking about evidence and what you should do until you get to trial.

Finding a good civil rights attorney is the first part of ensuring that you get justice and that all liable parties are held accountable. It takes time though, so don’t hesitate to speak with many attorneys until you find one who’s a great professional and personal fit.

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