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How to Create a Stunning Terrace for Summer Entertaining – Top Tips

The great Australian summer is only a few months away and many homeowners are already thinking about making some exterior improvements in preparation for a long entertainment season. Who doesn’t love to host a party? In this article, we offer a few tips on how to create the perfect patio from which to entertain.

Take stock of what you have

Prior to any planning, you should take stock of what you have in terms of a terrace; if the house is new, you probably have topsoil in the garden, or you might already have a patio, it just needs some renovation. If you have a solid base, this can be used to build a timber deck or to install stone pavers, whichever you prefer, while you should check levels and work out what materials you need. If your deck is somewhat worn, you can leave the framework and just replace the planks.

Create a floor plan

The ideal size of a terrace is 100-150 sqm, although you may have to sacrifice space to keep the garden in proportion; a terrace should take up one-third of the total area. Carefully consider the placement of the bar and outdoor bar stools and check furniture dimensions in good proportion. If you are planning on a 3-piece suite, rattan is a great material that is totally weatherproof, while you can place a few pot plants or some dried pampas grass in an elegant vase.


No terrace is complete without some form of shading; you could go the whole nine yards and have a fully retractable roof designed that gives you total shade control. An awning would work; a stylish and colourful awning brings a European Al Fresco feel, with matching window shutters and some ground-level lighting and you have a fantastic party venue. Umbrellas are also attractive and with a range of designs, there will be one that fits with your décor.


Have a central ceiling light/fan for task lighting and 4-6 ground-level LED fittings, which give the space a warm Disney look. Decorate with vines for an earthy feel and experiment with lighting to find the best combination.

Outdoor kitchen

If you’re serious about hosting parties, you really do need an outdoor kitchen with stainless-steel cabinets and a premier BBQ; store cutlery and crockery to one side and your catering is sorted.

If you create a floor plan and make a materials and tool list, then you can cost the project and a long weekend will see your new terrace born in time for summer.

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