Houston Maritime Lawsuits 101: What You Need To Know

The sea is a common thread connecting nations, making it inevitable as a crucial part of the world economy. Like any other workplace, a lapse of judgment, despair, or negligent actions of another party can result in personal injuries or death. These accidents can occur near the shore, in the open shore, and in navigable water bodies.

If you or your loved one gets injured or dies following a maritime accident, you do not have to bear the burden alone. You can file a lawsuit through a maritime lawyer and seek compensation for the damages. The process involves several stages and parties, and we help you with all the details you need.

Types Of Maritime Accidents

The following are the common maritime accidents your Houston maritime lawyers will handle:

  • Fishing Injuries
  • Falling overboard
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Docks and piers
  • Chemical burns
  • Injuries in enclosed spaces

What To Do After A Maritime Injury

After a maritime injury, your first step should be getting medical care. Whether you plan to file a lawsuit or not, ensure documentation of your diagnosis, as the long-term consequences may necessitate a lawsuit.

Secondly, take pictures of the vessels and the area of injury or ask a workmate to do so on your behalf. With every evidence in place, request an accident report from your employer and file a Jones Act Lawsuit if they deny you. The Jones Act governs workers’ rights in the case of maritime injuries due to employer negligence.

Trust Houston Maritime Lawyers for Jones Act claims. We guide you through filing for rightful compensation.

How Houston Maritime Lawyers Will Help You

Following a maritime accident, contact an attorney to help you with the case. An experienced maritime lawyer will enlighten you about your rights and negotiate on your behalf to ensure fair compensation for your damages. In addition to recovering the damages, Houston Maritime Lawyers will hold your employer accountable and fight for the rights of the rest of the employees.

Compensation For Maritime Accident Injuries

The Jones Act allows employees to sue their employers for damages and negligence. An employee will be entitled to Maintenance and Cure, which supports them throughout the recovery by covering the medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy, counseling, mortgage and rent payments, loss of life enjoyment, mental and emotional anguish, pain, and suffering.

How To Pick A Maritime Lawyer To Represent You

Hiring a maritime lawyer to represent you requires proper scrutiny of your recommendations to ensure you work with someone that will represent your case strongly for a fair settlement. Consider Houston Maritime Lawyers with experience in maritime law and a long history of success. Given the difficulties in navigating marine injuries, your lawyer should also be trustworthy and dedicated to your case.

Deal With Houston Maritime Lawsuits With The Help Of An Experience Attorney

Whether a seaman or a passenger on a vessel, a maritime accident can majorly impact your life, while the complexities of maritime law will make it challenging to recover damages. By liaising with an experienced attorney, you will ease the burden and get the compensation you deserve.

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