Red or White: 7 Surprising Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

Did you know that there are several wine health benefits like lowering your cholesterol and clearing your skin to slow down aging? Drinking wine inspires happiness by relaxing our minds and making us smile, but it can also protect us from cancer.

It is no secret that a glass of wine each day is good for the soul. But here are 7 top reasons why you should uncork that bottle instead of letting it collect dust in the cellar.

7 Best Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

1. Packed With Antioxidants

Wine can be your hero when it comes to fighting free radicals in the body that cause cancer. This is one of the best health benefits of drinking wine because it is full of antioxidants that attack any free radicals lurking around.

White wine is notorious for having higher antioxidants, even though many believe that red wine provides the most benefits. Nothing can beat the potent phenols in your next bottle, so you should finally pop the cork with this incredible custom wine tote to live your best life.

2. Lower Cholesterol

Too much cholesterol is dangerous, even though it is necessary for many of your body’s metabolic processes. Although you need cholesterol to produce bile, vitamin D, and hormones, you need to keep it low to avoid it turning into fatty deposits in your arteries.

Otherwise, this will cause your vessels to narrow, and they can gradually become blocked and lead to a stroke or heart attack.


Luckily, red wine has many procyanidins that promote a healthy heart and keep your cholesterol levels down. A glass during dinner can also benefit your blood pressure to keep your heart strong and cholesterol down.

3. Reduces Type 2 Diabetes

Uncontrolled type 2 diabetes can lead to dangerously high blood sugar levels. This can lead to severe complications when your body’s cells cannot produce or respond to insulin.

Then, your pancreas needs to work even harder to create more insulin. This can damage your pancreatic cells, and more glucose will build up in your bloodstream, causing blood cells to starve for energy.

If you are at risk, you may want to pop open a bottle after work and ask a friend to join for some laughs while making a healthy choice. Resveratrol, the natural compound you can find in grape skin, can effectively control glucose levels. This is even more reason why you should treat yourself to a delicious sip.

4. Say Goodbye to Breakouts

Resveratrol in red wine can hinder the growth of bacteria that causes acne. By drinking a glass of wine packed with antioxidants, you can benefit from this even more if you combine it with benzoyl peroxide.

If you are not a fan of buying topical creams and lathering up each day, you may want to opt for drinking wine and eating more fruits and veggies to clear your skin.

5. Improve Brain Function

Red wine contains resveratrol that significantly improves memory and brain functions. After drinking a glass or two, you may still be able to retain information better and feel smarter compared to other forms of alcohol. Having a few sips is like food for your brain.


It can also protect you from dementia by slowing down neurodegenerative Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases. The next time you want a Friday night of trivia with loved ones, choose some red wine instead of cracking open a beer bottle.

6. Enjoy Longevity

The Mediterranean diet has a fantastic reputation for promoting longevity and healthy living. This is because you have olive oil, vegetables, and exceptional wine at the core of this diet. Most people who drink a glass of wine a day can increase their life span because of resveratrol.

This compound activates proteins that act as an anti-aging agent. Resveratrol increases sirtuins, which are a series of genes that protect you from aging. By eating more plant-based foods and adding a glass of wine to your meals, you can keep those wrinkles away for much longer.

7. Pearly White Teeth

Drinking a glass of wine daily can protect your teeth from bacteria. We all love wine because it tastes delicious and makes us feel warm and fuzzy compared to other beverages.

Scientists noticed a degradation of germs after applying biofilms in red wine during an experiment involving five common plaque-causing bacteria. So, what are you waiting for? Trade your coffee and sodas for a wine glass today.

Why Drink Wine?

It is challenging to meet someone who does not enjoy drinking wine. A bottle of wine would never hurt your feelings. It always lifts you up to make you feel relaxed and joyful.

When you are stressed after work, wine can help you take a much-needed deep breath to unwind on the couch while watching your favorite TV show.

Because there are so many health benefits of wine thanks to resveratrol, moderate consumption can have the same effect as going to the gym for an hour. This compound extraordinarily pumps muscle performance and boosts heart rate.


Wine will feed your soul instead of taking away from it. Conversations flow smoothly over a few glasses, and everything seems more manageable because wine reduces anxiety.

Unlike other alcoholic drinks, wine does not make you bloat. It also does not drain your life savings because you can find a wide range of affordable bottles.

Finally, a daily glass of wine can help you sleep more effectively. Then, you will never have to battle with a lot of thoughts running through your mind when you can feel more relaxed to drift off for bedtime.

Reward Your Body by Drinking Wine

Now that you know the surprising health benefits of drinking wine, you can organize an epic weekend to celebrate love and laughter while feeling physically great. However, you should always remember to drink in moderation to avoid reversing the overall benefits.

It is best to limit yourself to one or two glasses with a meal to safely consume this phenomenal beverage.

If you enjoyed reading about wine and feel thirstier, check out some of our other articles for more inspirational content.

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