WiFi And Health: 6 Harmful Effects Of WiFi On Human Health

Wireless internet has saved us from the awkward cords and cables. In addition, it made it possible to use all the conveniences of the network freely. However, many have doubts about the safety of magnetic waves.

After the advent of the wireless internet, scientists have long tried to understand the effect of WiFi on the human body. The results are quite shocking – WiFi waves can negatively affect health and the brain, especially in children.

And the most shocking thing is that this fact is not new and even controversial. In fact, Scientific American published an article in 2008 called “Mind Control with a Mobile Phone,” which described the dangers of WiFi to the human brain. So let’s find out what threats the radiation of your router hides in itself.

Harmful Effect Of WiFi On Human Body

There are many harmful effects of using technological devices. We have identified the most dangerous impacts of WiFi on the human body:

1- Development Of Insomnia

Have you ever noticed an energy boost after using WiFi? Perhaps so powerful that your entire sleep got discouraged? It is likely that you will not be able to answer this question since you are almost always in the WiFi range. And it will be difficult for you to distinguish between conditions under radiation and without it.

Experiments were carried out in connection with the increasing reports of this kind of phenomenon. In 2007, study participants were asked to use ordinary telephones that emit electromagnetic waves. And the second group used fake ones. For those using real phones, it took much longer to fall asleep.

Therefore, researchers believe that sleeping in the LTE range can create chronic sleep disturbances. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own phone, your home router, or the WiFi of your neighbors in the stairwell. It is just not good for your health.

2- Influence On The Formation And Development Of Cells

When researchers identified the concentrating problems among adults after falling asleep with their phones for extended periods of time, they conducted a plant experiment. The aim was to determine the effects of WiFi wireless routers. They grew some of the plants in a room free from any kind of waves.

At the same time, they grew others in the field of influence of two LTE sources, which emitted the same amount of radiation as smartphones. According to the results of the experiment, plants of the second group did not develop at all. It shows that the effect of WiFi is so strong that it does not allow the development of growth cells.

3- Harm To Children

The effects on the body of radiation from LTE and mobile devices can be incredibly powerful for children. It can slow down the development and formation of cells in the body, especially in the ripening fetus. Animal studies in 2004 linked exposure to radiation with the development of kidney dysfunction.

In fact, the disruption in the formation of protein cells is so severe that the authors of the study especially note that this cell behavior is more pronounced in children and young people. Thus, this segment of the population will be particularly sensitive to the consequences described above. If you want your children to be secure from these harms, do not let them play with mobile phones.

4- Development of Internet Addiction Disorder

With the full-time availability of WiFi, the chances of developing internet addiction disorder increases. According to research, more and more people are developing such an addiction, and it harms the brain and humans in a similar manner as addiction to alcohol and drugs do.

The symptoms of internet addiction disorder are headache, vision problems, mood swings, lower attention span, poor health, increase or loss of weight. If anybody from your family has this addiction, you can contact a specialist and get help.

Yes, like state-funded alcoholism treatments, there are several options available for such addiction treatments too. Depending on the severity of the condition, a doctor can recommend the type of treatment that is best suited for you.

5- Connection With Cancerous Tumors

This is a controversial issue, but one should not close eyes to the fact that many experiments on animals have shown that the propagation of electromagnetic waves contributes to tumors’ risk. Despite the fact that experiments on humans are rare, there are plenty of works devoted to the study of this topic.

One such example is an incident with a young girl. She developed a malignant breast tumor. What makes this episode unique is the fact that she was not genetically predisposed to such a disease.

And the cancerous growth appeared precisely in the area where the girl kept her device. High-frequency radiations can seriously damage your health and may lead to the development of cancer and tumors.

6- Disorder Of Brain Function

Scientists decided to start studying the effect of LTE signals on the brain, as soon as high school students from different parts of the world had the problem with attention and concentration. Using MRI technology, scientists conducted a series of experiments.

As a result of which they found out that several areas of decreased brain activity were found in subjects who were irradiated with LTE waves. This means that the wireless network not only has a negative effect on the body but also disrupts the work of the gray matter.


WiFi cannot have a significant impact on the body in one day. This happens for a long time and with the constant use of devices. Free yourself from radiation now. Start small; for example, stop using your smartphone before going to bed.

With time you will develop this habit of using gadgets lesser. However, if it is difficult for you or you have an internet addiction disorder, contact a specialist for help.

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