Guide to Starting a Trucking Company Without Driving

Did you know that owner-operator drivers have a weekly salary of $5,910 in the U.S.? Are you interested in starting a trucking company but don’t want to be behind the wheel?

Or you don’t have the right license or aren’t comfortable driving an 18-wheeler. No matter the reason, you can still start and run a successful trucking business without ever having to get behind the wheel.

With this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about starting a trucking company without driving. So let’s get started!

Create a Business Plan

This describes the business’s goals, such as its services, target market, and how it plans to achieve its goals. When creating a business plan, you should include key parts such as a company overview, marketing approach, financial strategy, operational details, and a risk management plan.

Having a clear plan for how your management team is organized and who is on it is important. Also, make a detailed plan and keep it updated as your business grows and changes. This helps make sure everything runs smoothly.

Research the Types of Insurance

How to start a trucking company without driving requires careful research of the types of insurance. Being aware of the other types of trucking insurance will guarantee that the business will remain protected during its operations.

While there are many different types of insurance policies based on specific needs, the most basic insurance options are injury and property damage liability, cargo, non-trucking liability, medical payments, and physical damage coverage. Hot Shots Insurance linked here, offers a specialized form of commercial auto insurance designed to meet the needs of drivers.

Get the Necessary Licenses and Permits

Starting a company requires several licenses and permits. Depending on the type of business and the number of vehicles, you may need to get many permits.

This will allow you to operate in interstate commerce. Other permits you may need include fuel permits, taxes, and permits, and farmer’s market and shipper licenses.

Hire Experienced Driver

Regardless of how much knowledge and experience you have about the trucking business, you will need to hire experienced truck drivers to make the business successful. This means finding qualified drivers who can meet the standards and needs of your company.

When looking for drivers, research the individual and check to make sure they have the proper license and experience levels. When interviewing candidates, ask them detailed questions to get a better understanding of their experience and driving skills.

Buy a Fleet of Trucks

A good place to start is purchasing a fleet of trucks. When selecting a truck, it is important to consider cost, fuel efficiency, durability, and use.

Shop around to get the best deal, and remember to factor in maintenance and repair costs. Research the best dealers to buy from and compare prices. Make sure that the fleet of trucks you buy is up to date on maintenance and safety standards.

Use This Starting a Trucking Company Without Driving Guide

Starting a trucking company without driving can be a simple and rewarding experience. It involves steps like creating a business plan, researching types of insurance, getting licenses and permits, hiring experienced drivers, and buying a fleet of trucks.

This guide provides essential information and resources to get started. Why not give it a try?

Take the initiative and start your own company today! If you find this article helpful, be sure to check out the rest of our blogs!

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