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If you are new to the world of Grosgrain Ribbon, then this is an excellent place for you to start! In this article, we will explore all sorts of different ways that people use grosgrain ribbons. We will cover topics like meanings, Grosgrain ribbon bow, flowers, korker bows, clothing, and scrapbooking. If you want to know about what kind of gift-wrapping or binding books can be done with grosgrain ribbon, then keep reading!

Grosgrain ribbon is a ribbon made from loosely woven fabric such as silk with added materials like silk and mohair. Grosgrain ribbons are soft, luxurious, firm, and thick; they have a glossy appearance that is ideal for binding books or presenting flowers because it doesn’t crush the petals. The French word for grain, “graine.” Grosgrain ribbon is a type of rough fabric. Specifically for women’s attire, grosgrain ribbons are popular due to their wave-like appearance.

Grosgrain Ribbon Bow

This grosgrain ribbon bow will look lovely on a gift box! You can choose a satin or a grosgrain ribbon to create a beautiful ribbon bow. Cut six and a half feet (2 meters) of grosgrain ribbon. Place the ribbon lengthwise around the box. Make sure to use glue or tape for both the box and the ribbon, but keep the ribbon uncut.


Bring the loop back to its original position with the seam as the center. Keep the ribbon in place by holding it with your finger. Place a fingertip on the edge of the ribbon to keep it stationary. To create a loop, fold the ribbon and hold it in place with your fingers. Make another loop, securing the end with a knot. You can attach the ribbon with glue or adhesive tape.

Shift away from the center. Repeat the same step three more times, bringing each loop to the center and gluing in place.


It is important to calculate how many flowers you need to figure out how much material you require. From creating flower petals and wrapping gifts, there are plenty of ways to use heavy grosgrain ribbons.

22″ of ¾ inch grosgrain ribbon. Grosgrain ribbons can come in many different colors and thicknesses.

¼ inch to ½ inch pearls or beads. Increase the number of beads being used if they are smaller than ¼ inch in diameter.

The thread should match the color of the grosgrain ribbon.

Measure and cut four pieces of ribbon that are each 5.5 inches long. Loop one piece over the top of another, and hold it in place with your fingers. To make the small loop, cut a piece of ribbon and fold it in half. Put the center overlap ¼ inch on each side.

Arrange the loops in place by pinning them down with a safety pin and create two crosses. The crosses should be made of pins at the center of each ribbon loop.

Join the four strands of ribbon together using matching colored thread. 8 loops should look like 8 petals once the two crosses are stitched together. There should be a box shape at the center of your ribbon, where the two crosses meet. The box makes sure that the loops are not loose and your flower remains secured.

Please make sure the bead hole will not be visible as you loop the thread through it. Begin in the center of the string and wrap it around your finger to create a circular pattern visible on both adjacent sides. Stitch a second circle around the first. This will take twice as many beads. When you are adding pearls or beads, the stitching should be only on the first layer.

The number of beads and pearls needed will vary based on the diameter, but you should generally use five to seven.

To make it easier to attach the flower as a brooch or barrette, add a clasping barrette pin in addition to the pearls or beads.

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Korker Bows

Grosgrain ribbon provides an economical alternative to velvet ribbons and can be used for a wide variety of projects. Wrap a length of ribbon around a wooden dowel and secure ends with clothespins. Next, place the dowels on a baking sheet and bake them at 250°F for 20-30 minutes. These will be your korker bows.


Grosgrain ribbons come in many different colors, designs, and materials, making them a versatile scrapbooking option. There are many different grosgrain ribbons; you’re sure to find the perfect one for your project.

Gift Wrapping


One of the many uses for grosgrain ribbons is to wrap gifts. It is made from polyester, and this ribbon type is both light and flexible- perfect qualities for a wrapping material!

Binding Books

Grosgrain ribbon is a binding material typically seen on books. Grosgrain ribbons, also known as bias tape or no-sew elastic, are a ribbon that often has stronger properties when it comes to strength and flexibility. Grosgrain ribbon is a popular material for book restoration. Grosgrain ribbon is also a good choice for binding books.


Now that you know what grosgrain ribbon is, here are some ideas of how to use it. Grosgrain ribbons can be used in various ways and for different purposes- from gift wrapping to scrapbooking. There’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to this versatile material! Have you tried any?

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