Fun Birthday Ideas for Book Lovers

Doing something fun and special for your birthday is always nice, but it’s even better when your loved ones organize something simply perfect for you. Seeing how well these people in your life know you are touching and heart-warming, and it will certainly be a birthday that you’ll never forget. So, if you have a friend or relative who has a birthday coming up and happens to be a book lover, here are some fun ideas of what you can do to show them how well you know them and their undying love for the written word.

Themed Surprise Party

Hosting a surprise birthday party is always a lovely gesture and a lot of fun, but if you’re throwing it for a book lover, why not base it on one of their favorite books? You can have everyone come dressed up as characters from the story and have decorations that reflect the time or setting of the novel. If it’s a smaller gathering, you could prepare a sit-down meal or put on a spread of party food that people can help themselves to if it’s a bigger crowd. You could even organize some party games that match the literary theme, such as a quiz, or guess the name game where each person has to figure out which character they are.

Book Themed Gifts

Gifts are expected when it’s someone’s birthday, so whether you’re hosting the party or not, make sure you don’t turn up empty-handed. Whether it’s getting them vouchers to spend at their favorite bookshop, cool framed prints with quotes or scenes from the favorite novel, or some other memorabilia that they will love. Even a few new books will be greatly appreciated! You can look at these for more ideas for gifts for book lovers.

Go to a Reading

If you know their birthday is coming up, why not see if any book readings or similar events occur on the day or at the weekend closest to their birthday? They will love to listen to an author read from their latest work and hear about their writing process, especially if it is a writer that they are already fond of. Literature festivals are also great places to take a book lover for their birthday, and there will be a variety of talks, stalls, and other events that they can enjoy throughout the day.

Visit Historical Libraries

Another lovely way to spend the day for a book lover’s birthday is by touring some stunning historical libraries. Whether you’re traveling to another city for the day or visiting those in your hometown, taking a tour of these monuments to literature and knowledge could be very interesting. Then, after you have explored the grand reading rooms and marveled at all of the old bookshelves, you can move on to a lovely restaurant for dinner and drinks – just don’t forget to swing by the gift shop before you go!

If you want to show the book lover a wonderful birthday in your life, consider the suggestions above and think about which one they would enjoy the most.

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