Everything You Should Know About Fixing A Flat Tire

Having a flat tire is one of the major concerns every driver may have. The issue can appear at any place and at any time. The situation can go worse when there is no emergency roadside assistance available. So it is crucial to learn some basic things like how to fix a flat tire.

Flat Tire? Review everything about fixing a flat tire

Getting stranded due to a flat tire is a common matter for any driver to experience. If you encounter the same issue, whether in a parking area or during an ongoing journey, make sure you have, in a good condition, a flat tire repair kit so that you can drive home or to the nearest repair shop safely.

If you are a self-driver, it is good to have a clear understanding of the right steps to fix a flat tire especially when the spare tire is unavailable. Here we will review a few straightforward steps of flat tire repair which only require to have a few necessary tools and precise knowledge.

A step-by-step guide about fixing a flat tire

Nothing could be so annoying in the middle of the road than having a flat tire. However, since the problem can take place now and then, it is good to learn how you can fix it on your own.

  • Find out where the leak is – Scrutinize each tire. See if there is any pointed object like a nail or piece of glass stuck into it. If yes, it can cause holes or cuts on the tire. Miniature objects are hard to find. However, in this case, inflate the tire and see if you can hear a sort of hissing sound. If this doesn’t work, brush or spray the mixture of water and dishwashing soap on the tire. The leaking area will have bubbles. Immediately mark the spot.
  • Jack up your vehicle and unfasten the lug nuts – Jack up your car. Take an impact- or a lug wrench and ease off the lug nuts. Jacking up the car is crucial to make sure that it doesn’t get spun dangerously while removing the nuts. Now carefully remove the wheels.
  • Take out the lug nuts and tidy the holes – Once you have pulled out the lug nuts, take out the wheel from the wheelbase. Now clean the leaking spot with the help of a rasp tool which is usually included in the flat tire repair kit. To clean the spot you will need to insert the tool in and out of the hole repeatedly.
  • Fit the plug – Insert the plug in the insertion tool and push it into the puncture. If required grease the plug with elements like glue or rubber cement to have an easy insertion. Don’t ever remove or move the plug for a minute at least. This will let the adhesive set nicely and dry.
  • Blow up the tire – Inflate the tire with the recommended air pressure. Now, eventually, install the tire back to its place, remove the jack, and tightly fix the lugs to the right torque.

A step-by-step guide about replacing a flat tire

Fixing a flat tire may not be an effective solution many times. However, the next option should be to replace them.

  • Take out the flat tire – Take a lug wrench and release the lug nuts. Again, as mentioned before jack up your vehicle before removing the nuts. Now, take out the flat tire. Remember, carry out this process on level ground to prevent your car from rolling. Jacking up a vehicle on a sloppy road can be very dangerous.
  • Fix the spare tire – Replace the flat tire with the spare wheel. Before doing this, check the spare tire carefully. It should be in good condition. Also, it should match well with the other three tires. Like, driving a car with one winter and three summer tires could cause various troubles.
  • How much flat tire repair cost – You may not need to pay a buck if you are already having a spare tire and all necessary tools. However, a spare wheel and a loaded toolbox also help. Wheel spanners don’t cost much so it is good to have one in the toolbox. When it comes to prices, they vary based on the availability of different brands. Also, you will need to bear the labor charges if you need to drive your car to an auto repair shop.

Get A Professional Help

Yes, some people are lucky enough to drive a sealed tire for a long period. But, it is safer to search out a professional tire repairer. The internet, in today’s digital world, is the best resource to find out any sort of information you may require. Just type flat tire repair near me in the search box and as a result, you will get numerous names claiming to be experts in the field. Find the best auto repair shop and drive your car to the location the earliest possible. Let the expert decide whether your car tire requires patching or replacement.

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