Factors You Need to Remember Before Selecting a Coworking Space

Coworking spaces are a budget-friendly option for startups and freelancers along with small to large businesses alike. Coworking spaces offer best-in-class amenities unlike traditional office spaces. Some coworking spaces might provide more amenities and services than an office can offer, such as in-house concierge to book flights, tea/ coffee on house, or private cubicles with computers and Wi-Fi, and many more.

A shared office is not just a workspace for you and your employees, it will be an unavoidable part of your business presentation to your clients. Choosing a coworking space w[ez-toc]ith the features you need, such as a nearby recreation area, accessible location in a prime business hub, high-speed internet connection, and other world-class amenities is important. If you can get all these things in your coworking space, it will be easier to work on your project as well as have fun networking and engaging at events in the area. That said, the best coworking space is the one you will be excited about.

But before moving into a shared office space which is best fit for your specific business need, a few factors must be considered. When it comes to selecting a coworking space, remember to look at aspects such as the range of furniture, privacy, stability, and whether there is any recreation facility in the sector, apart from other factors. Also, amenities provided by furnished office spaces for rent are one of the primary factors that make a coworking space attractive. The office environment and the atmosphere are also major considerations for most people.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing the coworking space for yourself or your company.


When finding a coworking space the first and foremost thing to consider is the location. Choose a coworking space at a location that is easily accessible by your team members. It should be convenient to meet your clients and be easy to travel. Select a place that is in prime business hub and offers a prestigious business address to your clients.


A coworking space is not just an empty room with four walls. Coworking centers have more to offer like maintenance and housekeeping, Wi-Fi, printers to print important documents, security, 24×7 power backup, ovens, water dispensers and refrigerators, power generators, and tea and coffee machines in the cafeteria.


Getting an office on rent in a plug-and-play office will give workers an option to openly prioritize flexible workspaces and their preferred work hours, as furnished office spaces offer hybrid work options that can be provided ever before. When considering a coworking space, familiarize yourself with the availability of staff at your office timings. You can pay-as-you-use the coworking spaces and upgrade or downsize them according to your requirements.


Freelancers, individuals and companies from various industry verticals work out of office space for rent. The onus of security is on the workspace provider. Usually, there is restricted access, CCTV surveillance and security guards. In a managed office, you can restrict access to visitors also, and your office space can be exclusively for you and your team and whoever you permit. Some coworking spaces offer locked-door offices for small teams to give you peace of mind.

Internet is also provided keeping in mind your privacy. Storage facilities are provided for keeping or storing important files.


The cost of membership depends on the coworking desks you opt for, any additional facilities, customized setup, parking, and other costs for committing to the business center. Coworking centers will incorporate the costs of maintenance, IT support, power backup, air conditioning, and furnishings, which can save you a lot of money and time, especially if your business is just starting.

In a nutshell

When looking for coworking space in Hyderabad, focus on getting a reputable provider who will be able to provide you fully furnished offices for rent that is suitable to your business needs. One such renowned workspace provider with community and member benefits is iKeva. iKeva offers managed office spaces, private offices and coworking space for freelancers, startups, and small to big businesses alike in prime business and IT hubs of Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore. iKeva is one of the leading coworking space providers as they provide professional services by experts.

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