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Making money from fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies is one of the most promising areas of activity today, considering the speed of profit generation and its possible volume. Such opportunities exist because any digital currency is an asset determined only by supply and demand. There is no state-centralized cost regulation. Likewise, there is no direct technical connection between cryptocurrency and fiat systems.

Therefore, you must choose a suitable service if the goal is to profit precisely by trading on the crypto exchange rate. One option is to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for Perfect Money at However, there are others, so you need to understand the benefits of each. To do this, the analysis is carried out according to specific criteria. For comparison, you can take cryptocurrency exchangers, which are in higher demand than exchanging Bitcoin for Perfect.


From a security point of view, the Perfect Money system uses standard algorithms designed more for working with fiat and electronic currencies. Crypt operates on entirely different principles. Therefore, when analyzing security, the priority will still be not exchanging Bitcoin for Perfect Money but conducting transactions through a cryptocurrency exchanger. However, you must still ensure that this service meets the stated requirements. To do this, the following factors and conditions are subject to verification:

legal business of the owner of a cryptocurrency exchanger – a valid license must be available;
data encryption protocols – one of the simplest is invariably present in the address bar – HTTPS;
long period of validity of the platform – you can check the domain name’s registration date to ensure that the cryptocurrency exchanger you choose has been operating for over 3 years.

If there are no doubts, it makes sense to check further.


From the point of view of a trader who plans to carry out activities only in the direction of trading cryptocurrencies, the priority will again be a cryptocurrency exchanger. The reason is that the site’s structure is carefully designed here for these purposes. Perfect to Bitcoin exchange is just one of the options among a wide range of alternative system services.

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Transaction processing speed

The owners of cryptocurrency exchangers fully understand that a particular trader’s profit depends on the transaction’s speed. Accordingly, this ultimately affects the popularity of the resource because, with a delay, lost profits or a financial drawdown are possible. At the same time, exchanging PerfectMoney USD for BitCoin cryptocurrency does not always work out as quickly as a trader would like since the activity of this company depends on a more significant number of related factors.

Customer support

In reputable cryptocurrency exchangers, great attention is paid to developing the customer service department. Again, This is because if a user has problems making a transaction with a cryptocurrency or conducting it, they need to be resolved as quickly as possible. Perfect Money, in this case, offers only communication via e-mail; answers come for a long time since entirely different areas of activity are in priority, and the crypt is an alternative vector. In online crypto exchangers that have a good reputation, this is a more extended list of available channels:

  • phone line;
  • messengers;
  • social network.

You can get a response from the support service in a cryptocurrency exchanger 24/7 within a few minutes.


Connecting to an affiliate program in serious online cryptocurrency exchangers and in the PerfectMoney system is an option. However, due to the increased demand for cryptocurrencies in the last few years and the massive attraction of new users to trading and investing, the profitability from a cryptocurrency exchange through an affiliate program will be slightly higher than when working with PerfectMoney.

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