Easily Swap Faces Like a Pro with These Must-Try Tools

Roll back a couple of years and anything remotely connected to photo manipulation required the combined assistance of both a powerful software and a highly skilled editor. However, this was wiped off the board with the introduction of AI-based face swap software. What took days to perfect was made available in mere minutes, and this feature focuses on the best of the best! Grab the chance to be familiar with the top 5 face swap tools on the Internet and how you can use them to create stunning face swaps for free.

What is a Face Swap Tool?

A face swap tool is an AI-powered software that allows the user to replace the facial features of an individual within a photograph or a video with another! Since the editing and post-processing are all handled by the AI, the user is not required to have any knowledge of image editing. All that’s needed is to provide the sources and the software will handle the rest.

Top 5 Face Swap Tools to Use for Free.



Simplistic, powerful, and completely free to use. Miocreate has everything you’d want from a face swap tool. The software is completely cloud-based and supports swapping of both images and videos. Even though a swap only takes three simple steps to accomplish, its results are astounding. The AI engine behind Miocreate is top-notch! The software supports multiple file formats so that the user has the freedom to pick!



iSmartta is one of the most complete AI platforms out there, and naturally, such a platform is destined to have a fantastic face swap tool. The highly trained AI processes media in mere seconds and even the longest videos take just a few minutes to be swapped.

Faceswapper AI

faceswapper AI

As the name suggests Faceswapper AI is a website that’s dedicated to an AI face swap tool. The main difference between Faceswapper AI and other tools is the special effects. While the main purpose of the tool is to facilitate a successful face swap, the tool also allows the user to add cool effects to the image. However, unlike Vidnoz and Miocreate, Faceswapper AI doesn’t support videos.



What if you wish to replace more than one face in a photo? While most tools support singular face swaps, Pic-AI allows multiple face swaps in one setting. This is perfect for replacing multiple individuals within photos without manually cropping and replacing them individually. On top of that, the tool also supports video face swaps, which makes PIc-AI a top contender for the best tool on this list.



Unboring is expensive! But its quality is just as high! Unboring is perfect for those who are willing to spend some extra cash to preserve some quality. Not to mention, it’s the only tool that supports video-video restyling. However, be careful when spending the credits as the prices rack up quickly depending on the length of the video.


Pick your favorite face swap tool from the list to add a touch of your personality to any photo or video of your choosing. Choosing the best long-term investment means knowing which platform suits you, as all tools are equally user-friendly. Be a pro and kick-start your imagination to transform your ideas into reality.

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