Difference Between Good And Bad Customer Service

In your day-to-day life, you interact with many customer support executives and go through their online support process. Thanks to the technology and AI, you can now avail of customer service with a click of a button.

But, do you get the same level of support from every company? You give five stars to some and may want to sue some in the court.

We recommend reading about Toronto’s Larry Weltman. As a customer service representative of AccessEasyFund, he provides outstanding customer service to his customers and trains others in his company to do the same.

What makes a good customer support process?

Here are a few differences between good and bad customer service

Addressing customers by their name

You give a personal touch to your conversation by calling people by their names and make them feel approachable.

Support executives who call their customers by their name are more liked than those who don’t.

Try saying- “How can I help you today, Paul?”

The last word

Most customer support conversations end like this – “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

While there is nothing wrong in saying that, it gives a feeling that you want to end the call.

A better way to say that can be something like, “How else can I assist you?”


The last thing any customer wants to suffer is, calling the wrong department. But many times, they connect with the wrong department and are asked to contact the right one. Your customers will appreciate it if your support executive from that department connects the customer to the right one by transferring the call. Rather than saying, “Sorry, you have called the wrong department, you need to call the X department”, they can say, “The X department is equipped to handle your concern; let me help you in reaching them.”

Guide the customer on how to connect with the concerned department.

Wellington-Altus Private Wealth’s co-founder, Todd Degleman’s goal is to continue to act as his clients’ CFO and assist them in making sense of their wealth.

Enhance the customer experience

Your customers don’t call you to listen to what is written on your website. You need to add value to them by providing them with practical solutions to their problems. Go the extra mile with your customers and assure them that the technical experts will try their best to provide them with solutions. Explain the process and timelines and tell them how to reach you if the need arises once again.

The ultimate goal of any customer support service should be customer happiness. A company can grow only when its customers are happy with the services, and excellent customer service is one strategy that has helped AccessEasyFunds’ Larry Weltman to keep his customers happy.

The differences are remarkable when you compare voice call support services. But, if you talk about chat or any other messaging services where the bots are in charge of the conversations, these differences become very subtle.

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