Criminal Background Checks- A Key Tool to Ensure the Safety of the Organizations

Employee background checks are a tool used by businesses to review a candidate’s personal information, criminal records, and employment history. One of the key elements of the employee background check is the criminal background check.

What is a Criminal Background Check?

criminal background check is a specific background check looking exclusively into potential employee’s criminal histories. It searches through court and police records, and provides more detailed information than a typical background check.

The new hire may not disclose any past criminal history because of the fear of getting rejected. That is why it becomes necessary for the employer to hire third parties to conduct criminal record checks and get the information about the potential employee.

How is it done?

Verifications Canada checks Criminal Records through RCMP ( Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and National Repository of Criminal Records. The services provided are Government certified Criminal Background Checks.

Why is it necessary to avail these services?

Although these services are not mandatory, it is recommended for organizations (small and big) to opt for these services in order to get all the critical information and ensure a complete Employee Background check. A potential employee with a criminal record may not only cause harm to others at the workplace but also would misuse the valuable assets or even damage them.

Getting the criminal records checked helps organizations make informed decisions and screen out the potential employees with a threat. This would help in ensuring internal safety and will give assurance to the existing employees.

Advantages of using Criminal Background Checks:

Following are the advantages of using Criminal Background Checks:

1. Provides in-depth information which helps in improving hiring:

Verifications Canada provides Criminal Background check services which helps the employers unearth information which may not be provided by the employee. This information is crucial as it gives vital details about the candidate’s past arrests, warrants, current pending charges, dismissed charges, and acquitted charges.

2. Ensures safety of the organization

Various studies have shown that successful criminal background checks reduce the instances of workplace violence and protect overall worker safety. As the saying goes, “A bad apple can spoil the entire bunch.” In any workplace, it is the employer’s responsibility to eliminate possible threats and provide a safe and healthy environment for the employees. A criminal background check highlights or brings forth to notice any illegal activity or scrupulous behavior that a potential employee is trying to conceal.

3. Helps to reduce costs

A wrong hire results in a waste of resources and can cost a business in a number of ways. A study by the U.S. Department of Labor estimates that the cost of a bad hire can run into thousands of dollars. Compare that to spending around $100-$200 for a criminal record check. It would not only mean eliminating the bad hiring costs but also would help in saving time and unnecessary headaches.

4. Ensures compliance and also builds reputation and image over time

When employers carry out thorough background checks, it protects them against possible, future lawsuits. Some clients require the businesses to conduct these checks as the data that the two parties deal with is highly confidential. In case of any untoward incident like data theft, there can be negative consequences which can hurt the company’s public image.

Prior history is a good indicator of future performance. Background checks are used by employers to verify the information provided by applicants (usually through a resume or job application). It is because a large number of applicants make false claims, Criminal Record Checks have become a norm to safeguard the business. This key tool can reveal potential problem areas, and with the use of detailed information, suitable action can be taken.

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