Chess Sets: The Perfect Gift of Strategy for Chess Lovers

Gifting can brighten up people’s lives. This sweet gesture shows that someone cares and knows the preferences of their loved ones. It is quite regular to see people presenting flowers, chocolates, clothes, and other items. However, an ideal gift is one that contributes to the knowledge of the recipient or enhances their skills in any form. The idea should be to touch the mind and heart with a magnificent gift choice. Not sure what is the best thing to gift this Christmas? Well, here is our best suggestion- A simple chess set can bring that joy and motivation to the life of your dear one.

How Chess Can Be a Great Gift?

Although there are numerous reasons why a chess set will prove to be a meaningful present but let’s understand its representation in life. It is all about moving ahead in life and making well-thought-out decisions. The game of chess persuades the people to stand on their ground and fight just like chess players stick to their moves on the chess board. While playing chess, a player also understands how important it is to take action on time and avoid being afraid of threats. In addition to chess’s practical application in real life, this game of strategy fosters the development of distinct skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, decision-making, and so on. Basically, the scope of learning with a regular or unique chess set is endless for a novice or an experienced player.

Moreover, there is an intricate web of strategies and tactics that simulate the mind of the chess player. Calling it a tool for cognitive development as well as personal growth is completely justified. In this era of digitalization, your loved one will be pleased to get a chance to have a face-to-face interaction while playing chess, which will contribute to their better bonds with friends and socializing. Buying a chess set can completely transform one’s vision and persuade one to stand out in the crowd. This can be an educational tool, a relaxing hobby, a representation of craftsmanship, and whatnot. Imagine the impact of this simple yet effective game. Now that you are aware, a simple gift of chess has the potential to change your loved one’s life! Won’t you be eager to buy it as a gift for your lovely friend?

Check Out Some of the Most Affordable and Unique Chess Sets

1. Combo of the Contemporary Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Sheesham Wood & Boxwood- 2.6” King with Board 15” inches

Those dark pieces made of Sheesham (Golden Rosewood) wood perfectly contrast the light pieces carved from Boxwood. You will be impressed with the contemporary features of this combination of chessmen and chessboard.

The king is 2.6” inches in height and has a base of 1.2” inches and the rest of the chess pieces also have an appropriate size. The chessboard weighs 1100 grams and the chess pieces weigh around 500 grams and are handmade.

This is truly a representation of astounding artisan skills. You should check it out right away.

2. Combo of Old 1959 Russian Zagreb Staunton Chess Pieces in Rosewood and Natural Boxwood with Board & Box- 3.8” King

How about a complete chess package? Yes, this amazing combination of Old 1959 Russian Zagreb Staunton chess pieces set has the chessmen, chessboard as well and the storage box.

You just need to invest in this combo, and you are all sorted with the best quality chess set with exclusive storage. There are 34 chess pieces with 2 extra queens for pawn promotion made from Indian Rosewood and Natural Boxwood.

The board is made of Rosewood and Maple wood and has a thickness of 20 mm with a square size of 1.9” x 1.9” inches. Also, the Sheesham wood box is 9 ½” inches in length, 6” inches in breadth, and 4” inches in height. All in all, everything is perfectly designed and has a proper size to complement each other.

3. Combo of The Collector Wooden Staunton Chess Set in Sheesham Wood and Boxwood with Wooden Chessboard and Storage Box – 2.6″ King

With the exceptional style, this Collector Series Wooden Staunton Chess Pieces, board, and storage box set is a bliss to own. This can work perfectly as a keepsake gift for your friend.

This combo of The Collector Wooden Staunton Chess Set is made from high-quality Sheesham Wood and Boxwood. The king stands tall at 2.6″ inches with a base of  1.2″ inches within the rest 34 chessmen. The board has the dimensions of 15″ X 15″ inches with a thickness of 15 MM.

playing chess

All this is well-fitted in a black leatherette chess set storage box coffer of 16″ inches in length, 16″ inches in breadth, and 3.5″ inches in height. Would you like to gift this 4700-grams(approx) of goodness?

4. Travel Series Folding Magnetic Lacquer Chess Set in Sheesham & Maple- 10”

This amazing time series folding magnetic lacquer chess set is a great gift for friends and family. They can take it along while going for a trip or to a club with no worries of chess pieces getting lost.

The total weight of this chess set is 700 grams and is feasible to carry around. Check out this unique chess set now by visiting chessbazaar’s website.

5. Leatherette Chess Set Storage Box Coffer with Double Tray Fixed Slots for 4.2” – 4.8” Pieces

So, you wish to present a chess set storage box to your dear one? You can find plenty of high-quality chess boxes at Chessbazaar. However, this leatherette chess set storage box coffer is a great deal.

Two trays have fixed slots to keep the chess pieces. But chessmen should be between 4.2” inches to 4.8” inches in size to fit in perfectly. This MDF board with leather covering has a length of 15” inches, a breadth of 13 ½” inches, and a height of 5.1” inches.

Do not forget to get the measurements of their chess pieces before placing an order so that each tray can accommodate 17 chess pieces feasibly.

6. Combo of American Adios Series Luxury Chess Pieces in Ebony & Boxwood & Black Anigre Maple Wooden Chess Board- 4.4” King

Do you love that lavish feel of well-carved wooden chess sets? If you think your friend also has a similar choice as yours, then this luxury chess piece and wooden chess board set is the best purchase for you.

You need to check out the quality of Ebony and Boxwood used in this triple-weighted chess set. The king looks fabulous with a height of 4.4” inches and there are 34 chessmen in total with two extra queens.

A classic 24-inch wooden chess board made of Black Anigre(dark) and Maple (light) veneer* is a major highlight of this eternal chess set. Undoubtedly, this 2150 grams(chess pieces) and 3400 grams(board) is worth all the penny you will spend.

7. Combo of The Checkmate Series Tournament Plastic Chess Set (34 Pieces) Heavily Weighted with Extra Queens – 3.75″ King with Folding Chess Board

Wish to feel the intricacies of amazing quality at an affordable price? This Checkmate Series Tournament Plastic Chess Set can fulfil that criterion with the finest quality.

The best part about the pieces is that they are heavily weighted, and the foldable board ingeniously helps the player to easily carry it. Connect with the respective chess store – Chessbazaar to find out more about this chess set.

Gifting a chess set or any chess accessory will contribute to strengthening your relationship as it is a meaningful present that has the potential to be intellectually stimulating for your loved one. You can never go wrong with this highly thoughtful and timeless gift that can be a source of entertainment as well as education. Explore here our Luxury Chess Sets combos.

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