Best Instagram Tips for Stunning Healthy Food Visuals to Make Your Feed Look Appealing

Are you looking for some Instagram tips and tricks to take outstanding photos of healthy foods? If so, then you are reading the right article. If you are tossing up healthy meals, cook the dish, and share stunning photos of the same on Instagram. When it comes to this image-sharing social app, users who are crazy about healthy food and dining experiences will curate their gallery, photos, videos, and recipes.

Best Instagram Tips & Tricks to take Excellent Pictures of Healthy Foods

According to an article published on INC, you need to create an Instagram account that all will love to follow. It is possible when you share stunning images with relevant captions and hashtags.

Whether you want to whip up a healthy smoothie, black quinoa porridge, or a steaming bowl of vegetable soup, share the best, high-resolution food photos and videos to garner more likes and comments. The question is how. Here are some of the top Instagram hacks to help you take outstanding photos of healthy foods, making your feed look awesome. Read on to learn more.

Make sure the lighting is right

Taking shots under natural lighting is the best way to make your food photos stand out from the rest. The lighting will make or break your Instagram image. As far as poor lighting is concerned, you cannot fix it using Photoshop. It does not matter how delicious the chocolate pastry is, if you take the photo in poor lighting conditions, the outcome will disappoint your Instagram audience. Therefore, always take photos near windows for more natural lighting. You will like to capture the sunlight gleaming off the yummy chocolate treat the right way.


Food photography is successful in natural lighting. Then, there are challenges of taking snaps of food in a dimly lit restaurant or the kitchen. Therefore, you need to choose a place where there is sufficient natural lighting. However, remember that harsh lighting will also ruin your food photos, washing away the subject. Avoid intense light by using a curtain to keep the excess lighting away.

Keep things simple and natural

When you take food photos, you may like to edit them further for creating the best effect. Then, avoid overdoing with image editing tools and filters, as they might spoil a naturally looking photo of pork chops. Keep things natural, simple, and moderate when it comes to photo editing.

You can use apps like Lightroom and VSCO to retouch your food Instagram photos subtly without ruining the original quality of the image. Photo editing should not take more than a couple of seconds if you are not overdoing it. All you need is a little adjustment concerning brightness, contrast, clarity, and exposure to buy Instagram followers and likes in less time.

Make sure you have a sense of angles

Before you delve deeper into a delicacy, try capturing the food from a range of angles, and the best one may leave you astounded. For example, if you have a baked pomfret on a plate with onions and a dip, a close-up shot is what you need to make the fish look stunning in your Instagram feed. Again, a couple of spreads will need a wide-pan tablescape shot for that picture-perfect appeal on Instagram.

When you like to capture shots of food like a slice of chocolate cake or a pizza with toppings, you must take the shot at close range to capture the ingredients and food texture in the best possible way. Again, a pan of fish rolls, a plate of salad, or for that matter, sausages, bacon, salamis, and hams look appetizing if you take the shot from above for that perfect look.

Make use of props for a valid reason

When you have guests invited to your next weekend dinner, you need to prepare the table for the guests. Food styling and aesthetics play an essential role to make your dishes look stunning in your Instagram feed. For instance, if you are serving burgers, you can simply place white-blue striped linen next to the burger. Complementary and contrasting colors take your food photos to the next level, making them visually appealing to your Instagram followers.

Choose natural props to highlight how you prepared a particular dish. You can place a few ingredients or some utensils to make your food photos look awesome. For example, you can add some fresh herbs and micro-greens to fluff your green salad, adding more depth and dimension to the same. Avoid including food props and garnishing ingredients that are not part of the original recipe. Including irrelevant props will make your audience confused and they may not like your Instagram photos.

Even adding some seeds or nuts creates a stunning effect. All you need to do is add some color, contrast, depth, and vibrancy when taking food Instagram photos.


Keep these tips in mind when taking photos of healthy foods for your Instagram page. Remember that Instagram is all about the best-quality images and nothing mediocre or average.

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