Incredible Benefits of Using Online Classified Ads

Online classified ads can drastically change your business sales. They are perfect for small businesses and individuals with limited funds for advertisement. To sell your products online, people use classified ads with backlinks as they will help the website to get more traffic and rank higher in search engines. Dealzzie, one of the online classified platforms, helps businesses and individuals alike to get a kickstart at a nominal cost.

What are online classified ads?

In today’s fast world, everyone is preferring online classified ads on online magazines, online classified platforms, and news portals to increase traffic optimization, exposure and increase revenues for websites, blogs, startups, businesses, individuals with limited to zero investment for ads. You can add inbound links to your website to improve ranking in search engines.

These ads are easily updated or removed. Almost anyone of legal age can post online ads to reach consumers all over the world fast. A classified ad has three parts: headline, details, and contact details.

Benefits of online classified ads

  • Increase traffic: These ads allow you to add a short bio, backlink that points back to your website. Once potential customers see your ad and visit your website, they increase the organic traffic of your websites and increase sales too.
  • Save time & resources: For online classified ads, all you have to do is register your name, email, user name, and password; and within 5 minutes you can post ads and even extend the duration of your ads as well for free or at a nominal price.
  • Free availability: Most online classified platforms are free. Remember to check DA and PA before posting ads on platforms as the higher the DA, PA the higher you appear on search engines. You can post ads on paid sites if pocket permits.
  • Providing a huge platform: Free classified ads bring organic traffic and potential customers to your website. To sell products or services, you are exposed to global customers in minimal effort and investment.
  • Organic SEO strategy: Online classified ads are among 200 Google-approved ways to link-building factors. Use an organic SEO strategy by highlighting keywords, backlists to your online ads to bring potential customers to your website.
  • Specific targeting: In the biggest online pool, you need to target a specific audience by being specific about your ads and their posting. Based on many metrics such as organizational needs, international clients, manufacturers, importers, exporters posted on ads, users and clients could feel satisfied.
  • Lead generation: These ads give much-needed vigor, colossal status to startups. These attract people from all over the world and are known to target more result-based orientation from work.
  • Easy to use and minimum budget: just by registering your mail, user name, the password you can set up your online classified ad at a minimal cost or for free depending on the online classified platforms. Read more.

Online Classified Ads

Tips for online classified ads

  • Ensure to add all the targeted keywords and search terms in your ad title and link. They must be associated with the service or products.
  • Create catchy, concise, keywords packed titles for ads.
  • Mention all the necessary details about products or services in simple language for all to understand, and maintain a proper format and avoid using upper case.
  • Use appropriate images within the website’s appropriate limitations to grab attention.
  • Use business internet forums to increase the brand’s name over the internet.
  • Repost or republish your classified ads to stay relevant and on top of the list of related ad categories of online classified ads.
  • Customers tend to prefer regional companies rather than offshore ones. So, to enhance visibility and to build local exposure of your brand, company, or business solutions post local adverts citing local location.
  • Most online classified platforms have social sharing buttons to share your adverts to your social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest. Make use of them to increase visibility.


Online classified ads are the cheapest investment to get the right exposure, increase SEO and sales for your blog, startups, businesses, individuals alike. At Dealzzie, you get to sell your products online, build exposure and coupons through online classified ads. Join our website today to promote and sell.

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