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Bathroom Upgrade: Top Shower Screen Trends

Tired of battling mouldy shower curtains or a lacklustre plastic screen? Is your regular plastic shower screen not enough for you? Now you can impart a stroke of luxury into your bathroom by purchasing a brand-new one. However, with a sea of choices, deciding on the best shower screens for hard water has become a complex and tedious process. This blog post will be exploring some of the hottest shower screen trends, making it easier for you to choose between those that give you a meh shower experience to those that make your shower experience out of this world.

Embrace minimalism for a spacious look

If you’re sick of your bathroom feeling like a cramped cave, ditch the dated shower curtain and say hello to a light, airy haven! Minimalism is your best mate here, and that’s where fully frameless shower screens come in. These stunners are all about clean lines and clear glass panels with barely-there hardware. This creates a seamless look that makes your bathroom feel heaps bigger than it is. Plus, they’re the ultimate for easy cleaning – no more wrestling with grimy shower curtain creases or battling icky mould build-up around the edges. That’s what we call a win-win!

Here’s why you’ll love a frameless shower screen:

  • Light and breezy: The clear glass panels let natural light flow through, making your bathroom feel fresh and open. It’s like having a mini oasis right at home!
  • Space saver: Without bulky frames or tracks, frameless models create a sense of openness, perfect for smaller bathrooms. Suddenly, your bathroom will feel like it’s grown an extra metre (or two)!
  • Cleaning champion: Forget spending ages scrubbing mouldy curtains! Frameless screens are a breeze to keep clean. A quick squeegee after your shower and a wipe with a microfibre cloth is all it takes to keep those glass panels sparkling.
  • Modern marvel: These beauties add a touch of contemporary chic to any bathroom. They’re the perfect way to give your bathroom a sleek and stylish upgrade.

Functionality meets flair with these options

Functionality is key in any bathroom. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Here are some on-trend options that combine practicality with panache:

  • Concealed showers: Take your bathroom to the next level of sleekness with concealed showers. Imagine a showerhead that magically appears from the wall – pure luxury!
  • Sliding door shower screens: These trusty screens are a classic for a reason. They offer easy access to your shower while maximising space, making them perfect for smaller bathrooms. Plus, modern sliding door screens come in a variety of styles to suit your taste. For those considering installing a sliding shower screen themselves, remember, measuring meticulously is key! There are plenty of resources online to guide you through the process, but don’t be afraid to call in a professional if you’re unsure.

Elevate your bathroom with luxe touches

Craving a touch of luxury in your bathroom oasis? Look no further than these decadent trends:

  • Metallic hardware: Swap out the standard chrome for something more glamorous. Brushed gold, matte black, or even rose gold hardware can add a touch of sophisticated sparkle to your shower screen.
  • Textured glass: Privacy with a touch of fancy? Textured glass offers the perfect solution. Think ribbed, fluted, or even patterned glass for a luxurious look that adds a touch of visual interest to your bathroom. While these beauties look stunning, remember that textured glass can be trickier to clean compared to smooth glass.

Make a bold statement with these trends

For those who love to break the mould, these trends are for you:

  • Curved glass panels: Concave mirrors not only introduce a little softness to your bathroom, if, for instance, you have a lot of straight lines and sharp corners but also break up the monotonous lines of the bathroom walls and ceiling. Spatial perception can also be varied by contours, therefore, they are a perfect idea for the limited space of a small bathroom.
  • Black framed shower screens: Black framed screens are the epitome of drama and sophistication in a modern bathroom. This line is its edge to make a superb fundamental architectural design among the modern bathrooms.

Shower screens for the discerning homeowner

Looking for something a little different? These trends cater to the homeowner who wants their bathroom to reflect their unique personality:

  • Digitally printed: Embracing all your creativity with digitally printed shower screens. These beauty items open the opportunity for you to style your bathroom with your particular image in whatever scene of a calm ocean or city skyline you love most.
  • Eco-friendly considerations: Concerning the ecozone community, there are several eco-friendly products that you can choose from. Check for screens that are made from recycled materials or consume low water.

Conclusion: Choosing the perfect shower screen for you

There is no give-and-take advice when it comes to choosing the type of shower screen. The right model for you is influenced by your bathroom layout, style and budget.

Matching your style and needs: Whether the appearance of your bathroom is impeccable or neglected, choose an aesthetically pleasing tone. Do you need soft harmonising breezes and a touch of softness, or a desire for luxury and adjustment of colours? Think about if you will be purely using it for the shower or if you want to use it whether you are showering or not. Is it a possibility for you to reduce space, or do you need the privacy option?

Additional considerations: Mention the quality of the materials and components that you purchase. Choosing long-lasting materials will assure you that the shower screen will serve for a long duration, just in case. Instead of using regular glass, the usage of glass with a special coating that aids in the prevention of water spots should be encouraged for those living in hard water areas. However, besides all of these, maintenance is also important so don’t forget about it. Some shower screens are harder to keep clean than others, so choose one that is within your time limits and doesn’t add extra chores to your list.

This is the pamphlet’s takeaway: you should be able to find your ideal screen and your bathroom will instantly be transformed into a spa. Happy showering!

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