A guide to hosting the ultimate Christmas Day with your family

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year when families have a chance to come together, catch up on the year just gone, and share plans for the year ahead.

However, if it is your turn to host Christmas for your family and friends, then the magic of the festive period can be replaced with the anxiety of living up to the hype. When all your guests are looking forward to Christmas Day so much, the pressure to be a perfect host can threaten to ruin the whole experience.

Depending on what your family usually does during the holiday season, Christmas Day usually consists of traditions like stockings over the fireplace, giving and receiving presents, a roast turkey dinner, and a winter walk. The meal alone will take the whole morning to prepare, so a certain amount of organization is needed.

Thankfully, hosting Christmas can be fun, as long as you prepare for it in advance. Here are a few pointers about hosting the ultimate Christmas Day for your family:

Prepare a Christmas meal which suits everyone’s tastes

The cornerstone of any great Christmas is, of course, the meal. This is a chance for your family to come together, share some stories and enjoy home cooking.

You will probably have your own traditions when it comes to Christmas, but regardless of what food you cook, you need to make sure it is right. No one wants to have the embarrassment of leaving the turkey in the oven too long or forgetting the roast potatoes, for example, so it is imperative that you follow a recipe, or at the very least keep your eye on the ball during the cooking process.

If you’re struggling for great Christmas buffet ideas, then you could try cooking pigs in blankets, which always go down well alongside the turkey and stuffing.

Go on a Christmas walk

Another Christmas Day staple is a brisk walk in the morning.

If it is a beautiful winter’s day, then going out for some fresh air is a great way to work up an appetite for your Christmas meal. If you are busy trying to cook the food, this doubles as a prime opportunity to get your family out of your hair for a couple of hours, leaving you alone to get on with meal preparations and last-minute gift wrapping.

Don’t put pressure on yourself

Hosting can be incredibly stressful, and Christmas is arguably the hardest gig of all. You don’t want to let your family down, especially if you have children, because they look forward to it for so long.

However, the worst thing you can do is to pile pressure on yourself to be a super host and get everything completely right. This perfectionism is admirable, but it isn’t useful.

Christmas Day isn’t about getting everything right, about maximizing every moment. It is about relaxing, going with the flow, and enjoying each other’s company. As long as everyone is comfortable and well-fed, you don’t have much to worry about.

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